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TKR's Hands-On Dojo is current offline; will return soon...


do you ever dream you're someone else?
For about the fourth time in 10 years my server company has said "we need to move your server for our own reasons" and I said, "OK" (because I have no choice), and they say, "OK check to make sure it's ok" and I say, "The site is totally dead. This isn't working at all! You must have some setting wrong or something, it's not even running the application file." And they spend WEEKS telling me it's somehow my fault they broke it horribly... my version still works perfectly, just as their version did before they moved it... only to discover oh yeah, whoops, yeah we didn't have this setting right in the (database, middleware servers etc.), or whatever.

I've been going around with them for 2.5 weeks about this now while my application is dead in the water, it is so exasperating I'm having to stop and pray/meditate every time I think of it just to keep from it taking me into frothing rage. This happens every damn time. It's a huge corp, they probably rent many tens of thousands of servers, so why they cannot get this stuff right is beyond me. I nearly had a panic attack when they said they wanted to move it, remembering what happened the last few times, and thinking well surely they can't be THAT consistently bad at it. Ha! My pathological optimism.

Anyway so the dojo is down.... still... I have a tentative appointment with, hopefully, someone who has half a clue on Monday to sharescreen walk through it and hopefully resolve it. To the dojo viewers, I'm so sorry about this. I cannot do anything except wait for them to fix it and bug them every day, since the problem is not on my side. Hopefully by next week sometime it will be restored.

It looks like it's not quite dead yet. The site seems to work, but not the login.
The login has been buggy for a long time. For many years I reckon.
Remote viewing is free and natural. We were made to be in the garden and messed up, of course. We are creative. Imagine that. I like this place.