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Hey. Has anyone tried using a timeline protocol? eg Probe a timeline to determine when a specific team will win their next game..
Possible task: Time Line will become soft, wet and cold when “they” will win their next game.
This could also possibly allow for self tasking? But I’d assume that it would still be more accurate under total blind conditions..
Hope this makes sense..


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I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you mean. Perhaps I don't understand what you mean by "Time Line". Wouldn't many time lines be soft, wet and cold? Or are you asking if rather than cueing a target you add another layer and cue the time line in which the target you view appears and get data from the timeline? I think I got lost even trying to phrase the question.:)


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Haha. Ok.. well, when remote viewing a target there is a protocol to move around the target by drawing lines in multiple directions (like a cross). You can move left, right, up, down etc..
There is also a protocol to move forward / back in time when viewing a target. eg 24hrs, 1 week, 1 month etc. By simply drawing a line and holding the intention it’s a time line. Then probing that line for information from that specific time. Saying, I’m going to move forward 24hrs, probe and viewing the target.
My question - using the same protocol but intending to find a specific time an event occurs. eg when will xyz stock be at its lowest for the month? Draw a line representing the month ahead and then probe for a distinct change in the line dynamics for your answer.
Hope that makes more sense ;-)
Thanks for checking it out.
Make it easier, intend to see the pattern of the stock's development as a line. or intend to see the team's performance over time as a line. you will see a pattern to it. going up down flat etc


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That's pretty neat. I've never heard of doing that. Maybe I will give it a shot if I ever get some extra time.


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Actually, I think that is a good idea. There are many ways to ask a question. Looking for the time-point when teamA 'next wins' would be just as valid as any other approach. It is more temporal dowsing than viewing -- and in general I think most people are better at coming up with at least some accurate free-response data than accurate/specific temporal data. But it's a good idea! And for viewers that may have a talent for that niche of data it could be creatively constructed to deal with a lot of different tasks.



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I think more appropriate is the way Farsight institute does it with Crypto currency.

They have the CGI model created as feedback (in future), where buildings are tall or small etc.