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Twitter's psychic experiment
Thousands of people will test their psychic powers this week on Twitter.

Last Updated: 9:22AM BST 31 May 2009

In the first scientific experiment to be conducted via the social messaging service, experts will investigate "remote viewing" - the psychic ability to identify distant locations.

Members of the public will be asked to "tweet" their impressions of a randomly chosen spot in the UK visited by one of the researchers.

Then they will vote for which of five photographs on a website shows where the visitor was standing.

The trial will be repeated with visually different locations four times.

If at the end of the experiment the votes correctly identify at least three targets, it will support the existence of extra-sensory perception.

Study leader psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, who specialises in investigating psychic phenomena, said: "Personally, I'm sceptical, but three hits would be against odds of one in 125, which would be quite impressive."

He hopes as many as 10,000 people will take part in the research, being conducted in collaboration with New Scientist magazine.

Prof Wiseman will travel to each target location and send a message to thousands of participants to "tweet" their thoughts about his surroundings.

Twenty minutes after sending this message he will transmit another containing a website address on which participants can view photographs of the actual location and four decoys. They will then cast their votes.

"I have staged several mass participation studies over the years, but this is the first to use Twitter," said Prof Wiseman.

"The instant nature of tweets allows thousands of people to take part in real time, making it perfect for an extra-sensory perception experiment.

"If the effect does exist then having so many people participate will help detect it."



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Im probably going to work with daily grail on running a separate sub-project on this if anyone is interested.

I will post more details later just in case.



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why do thay have 4 decoys it dosent sound like remote veiwing to me it looks like biolocation theres no 8 digit number,for a start ???


You don't need coordinates because theres an outbounder. Describe what he see and its sourroundings.
Decoys are for the scientific protocol behind the viewing. The analyst don't know whats the target and rank the descriptions to each photograph (target + decoy) which fits best. Later its evaluated against chance.