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Unfocused strong receptive vibes

Woke up with a feeling of emergency. Felt the strong wave of psychic force like the time right before my mom died about a thousand miles away from where I was unexpectedly and also like the time I felt compelled to put a picture of the World Trade Center on my apartment wall about a week before Sept. 11. Can't quite sort it out but it had me on the floor groaning with such a start this afternoon. Gonna have to try deep meditation and see what I can do. Whew. Hard to explain. Sure not anything I could even begin to explain with my co-workers.
Been a wild ride this year. Uneven ebb and flow of psi stuff coming in spontaneously but often with missing pieces of info. Other times, felt clueless. Just trying to take it kind of easy and rest...realizing I am just not proficient enough right now to contribute in a positive way to helping others as much as I would like.


Staff member
Sounds rather turbulent! I go through phases like that at times. Probably a good time to do 'grounding' exercises. Sometimes all you can do is accept it's just another day and wait and see what reality brings, right?

Second the grounding and disconnect exercises, IF the experiences become harmful and non-constructive for you. Just floating in the psychic rarely gives balance or accurate discernment, imho. Go the way of the tao - consider balancing the physical-mundane and the rest.