Upcoming Remote Viewing Course by John Vivanco in Santa Cruz, CA

John Vivanco’s remote viewing company, Right Hemispheric, will be offering a course on remote viewing in the Santa Cruz, CA area in the near future.

John was one of four core members of TransDimensional Systems in Carlsbad, CA from c. 1998-2003. TDS was one of the most successful early RV companies, with several well-paid viewers. TDS also had an intensive several-months-long training program. The method taught in the course will be the TDS method, which is an offshoot of CRV. This method was not taught for many years, but recently John has offered a couple of classes.

If scheduling works out, I will be assisting and also presenting on what Ingo Swann called “Pictolanguage”. I was fortunate enough to be in (and later coordinator of) the training program and can vouch for the quality of the training we received - John was one of the instructors.

If you are interested, please visit John’s web site and email him. His company is at: