usa is a low IQ country

Loaded some forum screenshots into Instagram's photo editor and muscle tested emoji. A bit personalized, and not translating into full detail here, but ask questions if interested. Just a simple compass on what to work on. Attached scans on main directory, a blank post, and a blank poll. IMG_20180713_112557_954.jpgIMG_20180713_114004_334.jpgIMG_20180713_113257_283.jpg


do you ever dream you're someone else?
I am completely lost here. You muscle tested emoji? For what??

Seriously I would have thought this was a troll or satire if you weren't the one who posted it. :D
Map targets may make more sense to most at first glance. Like an associative hieroglyphic language that will give relevant information on any Target that is Kinesiologically scanned by a viewer.

Sorry for late reply, need to clean up legacy notification systems.
An Emoji Update.

Advised test targets:
Amtrak Network Map

Not going to try a translation here, but just going to go with the general flow of message, and await feedback. A lot of the emoji associations have meanings linked to personal memories that no one else would know. So, encrypted in a way, while in plain sight.



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A reading targeting projects associated with the forum.

A forum calendar of events.


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Example November 2018 calendar.
Kind of personal, but for here 4 option KARV sports targets, and KARV Fidget Spinner smartwatch YouTube demonstration. Chicks at work and ADHD, clueless..


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An index or map directory of dojo psi sites and linked sites will give the admin management an interesting reading/s.

Amazon is paying to pick up courses, so, looking at taking web app development focusing on JavaScript to make smart watch apps beginning with Fitbit, and Android. There are other languages they offer like Perl, and maybe PHP also.

Have to setup a separate blog to log my work, as hosting elsewhere may give rise to issues on down the path due to trail brazing new ways, and lack of community support. So, will need to steer traffic I recruit into a funnel to keep viewers focused on assigned target without being distracted by other tasks.

My first kinesiologic sector model task was around 6 months before completion. Have shortened duration for repeats considerably.. So, we'll go from there.

Also, virtual reality, holograms, 3D maps are the next processes to incorporate to clarify and delineate the multiple layers of information presented.


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