Use your ...Finger !


Euphoria = Hitting the Target !! : )
I know...strange heading !
I ...sorry we, were trying to ascertain the the location of a young girl that
went missing a couople of weeks back, when I was directed to place my hand over a large detailed road map and asked if I could "feel" anything.

Now this is a bit new to me, as I am srtictly ( these days ) a
Remote Viewer. But after placing my hand over the map and moving it around a little I could "feel" small...almost like electric shocks going into my palm. I was then direct to "use my finger".....I hesitated then suggested that I have a blindfold on so I cannot see anything. This done I proceeded to use my middle finger to feel for...something !

I moved it and I felt a bump, I moved back and there it was again. So I moved around and sure enough I felt a bump that continued. So to and fro I moved my finger the bump sort of felt like a speed bump, but long, not knowing exactly what was going on I continued, then after reaching to my limit with my arm I stopped and took off the blindfold, I was informed that I had just traced the main road where they suspected this
girl had gone along. My focus initially was on a photo of the girl form the newspaper.

Interesting huh ?




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Ha! Ha! Nice heading!

Was it your left hand or right hand or is that TMI? ;)

That really is very good. A projected task with a kinesthetic response.

If you're ever short of hands you might try the eye blink method, I've heard Joe McMoneagle uses. He's mentioned using it at sensitive times when either a pendulum wouldn't go over too well or he didn't have one.

I've used the eye blink method to pick out reading material for over a year. Just queue your mind to your task and you'll blink when your hand hovers over something of potential interest. Takes me about four minutes to scan the Metaphysical, Occult, New Age and Speculation section at Borders.

One slight drawback that can easily be overcome is that sometimes when you handle the book after you buy it, your eye will still twitch if it was a particular importance or strong need. After the first couple of times you grab the book and have a twitch and a chuckle it wears off.



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I've been reading "Opening to the Infinite" by Stephan Schwartz. He describes his archeology protocol which uses maps. He doesn't say much about the actual process except that his viewers used a variety of dowsing methods including passing a finger over areas of the map and looking for a special feeling. I think that would be a very useful skill to develope.