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Webinar option for June APP Conference now available

Not able to attend the June APP Conference in person?

You'll be able to watch the following presentations live and even ask questions in real time if you sign up for the webinar option. http://www.appliedprecog.com/2017-app-conference

The price for this access is just $50 for paid APP members and $100 for non members (which includes a yearly membership).


  • Joe McMoneagle (2 sessions): Wisdom About Money/Wealth from 40+ Years of Remote Viewing AND My Project Star Gate RV targets
    • Lyn Buchanan: An RV Self-Healing Tool
      • Tom Campbell: Retrocausality and My Big TOE (Theory of Everything)
        • Dean Radin: Science and Real Magic
          • Stephen Braude: Taking Macro PK Seriously
            • Marty Rosenblatt:personal Creativity for Health-Wealth-Wisdom