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The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) was organized March 18, 1999, by selected scientists and practitioners meeting in Alamogordo, New Mexico in conjunction with the first professional conference on Remote Viewing in Ruiduso, New Mexico.

The concluded objective was to create an organization which would provide a mechanism for evaluating the discipline called remote viewing, encourage scientifically sound research, propose ethical standards and provide overview educational information to the public.

One of IRVA's major tasks is to maintain a credible and responsible Remote-Viewing focused internet site which presents.....
  • Key existing published scientific findings
  • Newly-Breaking scientific published articles
  • Current educational options/considerations
  • Standardized On-Line testing

You will find notices of upcoming events, updates to our websites, and other items of interest posted on this board. For more information visit IRVA's website at http://irva.org/.
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