What do you get when you RV?


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Could you fine RVers please share with me what you get when you RV?

Do you get happiness? Do you get a piece of artwork? Do you get pride? Do you find your carkeys? Do you help someone? What is produced in an RV session? Feedback from other viewers? Friends? Emails? What things are associated with your RV session? What is produced? Tactile, monetary, emotional, interpersonal, visual, what?

Thank-you for your responses.


I am not sure but it sounds like the original question is a mixed bag of two main questions. What is your motivation for viewing and what kinds of data do you get when you view? Those are pretty diff questions. I will start with the second one, what do I get when I view. And that depends a lot on the target as well as my mood. It also changes the longer I view. Right now, I get a lot of sounds many of which seem to be accurate but many of which simply cannot be verified or denied either way. It's really hard to know what sounds are going on from a photo unless the creator of the sound is right in the photo. I also get a lot of mood and thought impressions from animals and humans. I sometimes get sayings or bits of song lyrics that are often accurate but in unpredicable ways. They can be really tough to understand until after feedback so they would not often be super useful in an ops targets.

Those are the things I get that seem more unique to me. The rest is more typical like appearances, textures, etc. Anyway, one can always tell oneself in the session to listen and write what you hear, touch and write what you feel, inhale and write what you sense, etc so a viewer could always work on expanding what types of info you get in a session. You are not stuck with just what comes in on it's own.


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I get peace.
When in the zone the world melts away and doesn't exist any more. All sound dissipates and all I can feel is me and then the target.

Data wise I get;
images, feelings and sensations, I just know the target is; hard, cold, curved etc...Its a knowing for me.



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Thank-you folks, you are answering my questions. But one of the things I am interested in is what are the other parts of the RV experience?

For example, in my case, my RV experience involves:
1. Some solitude time
2. A sense of belonging to a community
3. A participation in a group ritual
4. Affirmation and self talk
5. Anxiety over the feedback
6. Physical relaxation as I meditate
7. Drawing practice
8. Cognitive exploration of my mental images/objects
9. Awe when successful

Hey look, I made a numbered list... how very left brain.... Anyway, its been my experience that things we intentionally do, that we choose to do, have many rewards for our efforts, but only a few ever get consciously noticed. I am trying to get a better feel for the big picture of the experience.


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1. solitude time - yes
2.belonging to a community - lol no
3. Participation in a group ritual - no
4. affirmation & self talk - yes Im on a long run of very good rv results, this I feel is down to discussing my needs with my subconscious before I start rv working and allowing it part of the decision and to have a voice.I also have an affirmation or two which i always use.
5. anxiety over feedback - not any more over the years this has dissipated to absolute zero.
6. physical relaxation - yes absolutely.
7. drawing practice - hell no, my real drawings are really detailed and i can draw/paint anything, in rv they are sooo basic.
8.cognitive exploration - not really.
9. awe - yes sometimes

I don't see, feel or find there is anything mystical or large about the process.

Rv is like mental tai chi, it allows you to know yourself, and in knowing yourself you can then know the world around you.



what do i get?

on the plus side i get

- escape. freedom from where i am here and now.
- increased control over my mind. (better focus, better ability to tune things in and out)
- insight into how i think. associations i have. the way my mind preferentially experiences/sorts information.
- interesting ideas about how this relates to other areas. attention capture. subliminal stimuli. etc. etc.
- spiritual evolution.. in an inexplicable way. a deeper understanding about reality. increased synchronicity.
- a 'rush' when i do well. when i am really clearly on signal. there is a 'buzz' or a 'high' at FB.
- amusement - well... its something to do. it fills time.
- hope - that i might be able to put this to use in some way if i improve enough.. if i can just see a bit clearer
- daydreams (of awesome scenarios that are so totally never going to happen in this reality.)
- an ego boost - I am special and rare. i have skills that others dont have. I can do something very difficult.
- sort of..kind of.. a community. uh.. a virtual one? where people dont talk to each other much?

on the minus side I get.

- virtually complete isolation (i am already isolated on an island on the wrong side of the world. doing this i'm
isolated from all the other island dwellers too since i cant talk to anyone about it or associated phenomena)
- A whole range of negative thought processes:
*fear/anxiety (i dont want to fail. I hope i didnt miss. am I getting worse over time?)
*frustration. (why cant i get better. why do I still suck?!)
*guilt (why didnt i practice today?! I should probably go back to basics and learn a new method..)
*inadequacy (am i as good as viewer x? what do other people think about my viewing? am I deluding
*worries that this will damage my chances of getting a job. (If i ever want to work in any kind of govt
dept. e.g. ministry of internal affairs or department of customs or etc etc..any kind of basic vetting
would expose my most popular internet haunt. how should I explain it? I'll get put in the 'flake' bag and
lose my chances after i've spent years at uni working to get them.)
*stress (I have too many things to do. have to juggle everything or risk losing something.)


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The sense of wonder is at the heart of it. At first it comes in a flash, hey this really works. As you continue to view, the wonder spreads out, becomes more ubiquitous, you almost take it for granted except its still there every time you recognize a match with the feedback.

There are other subtle side effects from opening a channel to your subliminal side. There's a validation of your instincts. More rapport with things outside of self.

The community aspect is something. There are others who know this is real. It's not just a hypothetical debate.

I have an attraction to solving puzzles. There is the puzzle of each session. There is also the puzzle of what to make of all this.


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Great stuff you are sharing folks, again, I am very grateful for your willingness to provide this information.

As I expected, there is a wide range of variables that go into the RV experience/event. I am kind of curious of the mechanics of the process, which is why I am asking. Of course being good at it doesn't really require an understanding of how it works, but I am a puzzle solver myself, so I am curious.


OK, I see now what you are asking. I don't do a lot of prep so I just sit down and start my sessoins. What is it about? I think it's about understanding how my mind works, especially those parts that I have not been conscious of. RV means I need to be in tune with the subtle whisperings and how each thought feels a bit different and how the conscious mind is processing stuff from deeper down.

It also leads to changes in daily life as I find myself just 'knowing' misc stuff from day to day, like realizing when someone is thirsty and could really use an offer of a cold water or whatever. I think it also helps open up the problem solving mind as I get innovative ideas for solutions more easily. I do think there is truth to those who say that once you open the door to that inner world, you can never fully close it again. It will change you and make you different from most people around you. You may well find that over time, you don't relate as well to many people around you as your mind no longer works like theirs does.

In the sessions it's about seeing things in different ways, experiencing things through the targets that I have never experienced in regular life, and it's about letting go of ego as few sessions are ever perfect in every way. There are alway sthings that I could have written but didn't or could have said better or interpreted better or whatever. It's also about lettting go of control to some extent because in the session, the conscious mind must take much more of a back seat than it is accustomed.

For successes, there is still that thrill of victory and awe of it all and along with that comes a sense of looking at rules and boundaries differently and that anything is possible and that we are not bound by the rules that most people think we are, like I found a shortcut that few people know about even though it is right there staring them in the face!


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1) I get to commune with my inner-self,who is usually overwhelmed by my very busy 24/7 outer-self.
2)I find the rush of turning in a good session better than most other things known to man(woman)....
3)I love the reassurance I get from the realisation that anything is possible....
4)I,m still in a sort of awe of the power of the human mind and this is reinforced by both my participation in rv and the sharing of others sessions(many of which are staggering).
5)I get to laugh to myself at the friends that stifle a yawn when I broach rv in a public converation......like I,m the crazy lady!!!


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"Feelings, nothing more than feelings..."

Everything comes in feelings, the whole target and the details too. Also pictures are coming, black and white and/or colour pictures. When smell and flavour appears, I get them by pictures too, and so on.
Finally I feel "it was successful, buddy" - and really.


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Keep them coming, my friends. Its very enlightening isn't it, to see the wide variety of motivators we have. Just as we are certainly different, our "needs" to RV are different. Some viewers are pragmatic, others spiritual, others investigative. One common thread does seem to be the adventurous aspect of the process, people want to explore.