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What do you listen to, if anything, when doing RV?

I am trying out a recording of *rainfall while RVing, and I was wondering what other people listen to. I was thinking of trying New Age or Classical, but thought that might be too distracting, so I went for something natural that resembles white noise. I'm curious to hear what other people are doing, so if you feel like commenting...

* free sound clips, including several recordings of rainfall

GOM Audio/Video player (free) lets you select the start and stop points of an audio file and endlessly loop it.
Everyone is different and will use different things to help them focus. I for one don't want any noise of any kind. I go so far as to be in a room with the door shut, curtains drawn and ear plugs.
Thanks for the reply fletch.

I agree, of course everyone has their own preferences, that's part of why I asked - out of curiosity to see what other folks are doing. Also I'm looking for different types of sound tracks to use when I can't do it late at night when there are no interruptions. I'm thinking some new age tracks might work if they don't do anything that grabs the attention too much. Daz posted once or twice about what he listens to but I don't remember what he said.

One that I tried was "Concentration" produced by Hemi Sync. It put me in the mind of the sound large wheels make when rolling over the highway and a little wind in the background.

Another I tried was titled "Remote Viewing" put out by Meditation Power. It's the sound of rain with water dripping into a pool.

I wasn't able to buy any of the tracks above as a single but had to buy the entire packs and if I'm not mistaken Lyn Buchanan recommended them.

David Morehouse includes a CD with his book that is supposed to help you focus as well. It's the sound of huge waves crashing on the beach.

They don't work for me but then again, I'm a tad on the weird side soooo...
Thanks for the suggestions.

I found the Mourehouse cooldown CD sound track available for download free *here.

I bought the book so didn't have any moral qualms about downloading and using it, but the site makes it available for free and doesn't say you have to be a customer. I like the sound of this a lot, not too much treble, it sounds really soothing, I'm going to try it, but I think I'll use Audacity to edit out the human and just leave the wave sounds.


I just recalled something. Have you ever tried white noise? Some will use it to help them focus because it does drown out any background noises.

I didn't think of it because it's a habit I've used for years to help me sleep. -Out of sight, out of mind?- It's nothing more than a fan and it does put me to sleep. I never thought to try it when doing readings.

Pffft. With my luck I'll try doing a reading with my eyes shut and the fan running, and end up doing a face plant into the table where I fell asleep...
I use an oscillating fan. There are a few variations of white noise. Basically you're looking for a hissing noise that is constant and doesn't change. I did a quick search on YouTube and found one similar to my fan,,, kinda. With mine you can't hear the blades beating the air, you can with the one in the video.


If the recording is good enough that you might like to try it,,, and you use Firefox, click on tools/add-ons/see more add-ons and type in Youtube in the search function. What you're looking for is the MP3 podcaster that has an icon that looks like a little red guy with a huge nose wearing headphones. Install it. This extension will let you download video's in MP3 format from YouTube.

There are other examples on YouTube of white noise.
LOL, thanks Fletch.

I edited out the voice in the Morehouse cooldown audio of ocean waves, it was surprisingly easy with Audacity freeware. I'll just loop that over and over and see how that goes. I'll can post it to Dropbox if anybody wants a copy of it.
I made some playlists on Spotify with ocean wave tracks including subliminals. Some tracks are specifically subliminals for remote viewing while other tracks are for stuff like astral travel, intuition, psychic protection, etc etc. Anyone with Spotify can listen to them. There is a free version of Spotify but it has commercials. I pay $9.99 a month to not have commercials. I play ocean wave subliminals for background noise when I am sleeping during the day also as I work night shifts as a Registered Nurse. The sound is soothing and conducive to either relaxation or sleep.
Something that might be helpful before RV...there are some very good guided meditations at www.headspace.com --the first several are free for anyone to try and see what they think...I used the free ones off and on for a while but recently opted for the $12/month fee to get deeper and more consistent with all that is available. I know we can try to meditate on our own also, and I do, but am finding this site to be very helpful, very good. Helping me to be more consistent.
If anyone charges me to RV, I am not a fan. RV takes work, real RV. And is about discerning. There are good people and bad people. We are all just people, limping along. I picked my two, Seven and Rev's. Years ago. Go walking with me. I like RV. Always have.
I use slow ambient techno music with no bells or high tones on YouTube - along with a pure binaural beats in the Theta or Delta range. The way I play them simultaneously is to open multiple YouTube tabs on my computer. You can't really do it with a smartphone or an Android or iOS tablet, because only one track can be playing in only one app. There are plugins for Google Chrome web browser that will let you loop a track. A Chrome plugin that blocks ads on YouTube keeps annoying commercials from interrupting your session.
You spend far too much time with these trappings, just let go of thoughts and embrace the inner mind. It takes time and much practise and some will achieve a higher degree than others but everyone will come out of it with some degree of ability.


do you ever dream you're someone else?
I admit, I have never found it to be a 'need' of any kind, but I do appreciate audio that can help get me very relaxed. Although I am a big fan of The Monroe Institute's SAM and older Hemi-Sync stuff, you have to look carefully for things that are just that brainwave audio and not a lot of narration or guided stuff. BrainSync has a lot of just-the-audio stuff. I used their "Deep Meditation" CD quite a bit.

There is a lot of free stuff on youtube. Just search with 'binaural' in your string. And try to avoid the 'sleep' ones because, you know, otherwise you might end up doing ZzzzzzRV. :)

Mostly if I have a decent amount of time (rare) I prefer things that help induce theta state, but you do have to be pretty well rested to do that without falling asleep, or simply getting so altered-state that you're too stupid to ask yourself obvious questions. (An interviewer is very helpful for altered state work.) Otherwise simply 'relaxing music' is nice.

For a long time I listened to this album by lowercase noises called carry us all away (except the 'garden' song I removed) because it was SO relaxing. (His music is 'volunteer donation' on his website.) Not sure why, but my brain now interprets it as a sleep signal, and that stuff is like Audio Ambien or something, so I can't use it for viewing anymore, but it certainly helps me sleep!

I don't tend to use anything WHILE viewing. Just beforehand. I get audio data and have always felt audio might interfere, same way that a lot of graphics or light issues can interfere for me.

If I'm using (I don't anymore, but used to) a format/methodology that is based on going through a structure really fast so you don't think about it then I would probably prefer corporate hard rock music first (not during). Because it is energizing while being slightly numbing. It does pretty well at killing some degree of conscious meandering thought. That's why it tends to be nice to listen to very loudly if you're upset about something your brain wants to obsess about. Dangerous to do in the car, though, for speed limit reasons. :)