What do you listen to, if anything, when doing RV?


To get myself mentally situated, I listen to Zeppelin's Kashmir with a pure theta track under it. If'you're on a full PC, Mac or Windows tablet, you can run multiple YouTube windows simultaneously. I block the intrusive ads with a Chrome browser plugin.

If I tire of Kashmir and/or if I want to continue the audio whilst in session, I change to an 'ambient' techno trance track with the pure theta underneath. Low percussion, no bells or tones that stand out. No vocals at all.

For sleep, and I find this really works well, I listen to a 1 Hz pure delta track on YouTube. I sometimes put on an ambient music track like I mentioned in the paragraph above. I also sometimes put on a heartbeat track that I slow down (by way of the speed choices after clicking on the gear) so that my heart rate might entrain to the slower heartbeat and take me a bit deeper into delta.

Put all these tracks on an endless loop by using another Chrome browser plugin, and you have my overall approach.