What is CRV?


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CRV is a specific form of applied parapsychology.There are three parts to the process and structure of any form of applied parapsychology:A person who wants information.A much-debated source of psychic information - defined as various things.A person who acts as a "conduit" between the two - in the case of CRV, a "Controlled Remote Viewer", or "CRVer".There is no way to control the random needs of random people who need. There is also no way to control the much debated "source of psychic information", no matter how it is defined by any one person or group. Therefore, if you want to control the process, you control the case, (the remote viewer).Better yet, you teach the remote viewer to control him/herself. This is far from being as easy as it sounds. It takes strenuous training, practice, and a strict set of "protocols" for a remote viewer to keep his/her mind from polluting the information as it passes through. Therefore, CONTROLLED Remote Viewing is defined as follows:Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) is a very highly controlled set of physical/mental protocols which allow a person to bring something which lies hidden within the subconscious mind to the surface, and objectify it.The protocols not only take care of the processes of finding the hidden thoughts/emotions/etc., and bringing them to the surface, but also the process of keeping them "clean" of pollution from the imagination, and from emotions, desires, fears, and other contaminants which lie closer to the surface of a person's conscious awareness, and which would tend to "color" them incorrectly.Put most simply, CRV is a highly structured methodology which allows a person to set up a path between his/her conscious and subconscious minds for the purpose of passing questions one way and answers the other, without the fear of pollution along the way.

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