What is the situation with remote viewing internationally?

I saw Markus Perk’s FB post on RV individuals and groups active in Germany – he lists a few. There seems to be an upsurge in interest in remote viewing in the US and maybe the UK. Is this happening in other countries as well?

In maintaining 120+ I’m aware of individual viewers in maybe a dozen countries (e.g. Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Russia, Estonia), but very few groups or companies. IRIS in France is one such company. There is a group in Russia taking part in the Applied Precognition Project. There are quite a few viewers in Japan, trained (separately) by Simeon Hein or Echan Deravy.

What’s happening on the scene internationally with RV? Perhaps people in countries other than the US and UK can educate us on their situation and IRVA members/Directors convey their sense of it. (The International Remote Viewing Association is reported to have members in 23 countries.)

The basic sense I have is that RV is most developed in a couple of English-speaking countries (US, UK in particular) and not very well developed in most (all?) other countries. I hope I’m wrong. (Talking about non-governmental work, of course.)



I do not know of anything RV going on here in Sweden. I've heard of a couple of RVers, but nothing more.


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We are giving training here in the "Land down Under" Australia
Some people seem to have after a while different things come up in their lives,
thus their interest/obligations change.
Personally I try and introduce the subject to as many who I think are open to the subject.

Sydney has a number of people interested in RV so next year ~!
Also it tends to be a place that is more central,for some,even though we are so spread out here. ;D



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I have often seen ref to RV in Germany but our search engines don't really pick this up much so we are likely to be oblivious to it.

I wonder why there is so little RV activity in Sweden, Slorri. Maybe the same in other Scandinavian countries. But in truth, it seems like there is very little RV activity (public activity) in most countries.

Rick, I envy/don't envy you - an entire continent to bring RV to! I was in Sydney in 2009 for 2 weeks but unfortunately did not realize Simon Turnbull was there and active, so missed my chance to meet him, nor was I able to find any RV folks there. Made it to Brisbane (which I liked a lot), and that's about it.

PJ - I have looked at a couple of FB boards written in German. On one there were complaints about level of inactivity compared with the boards in English/in USA. It does seem as though there are more people active in Germany than in most countries. Markus Perk says there are about 80 active RVers.

In APP there are viewers from (at least) Croatia, Russia, UK, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. I get the sense there are groups or RV companies in Russia, UK, and Rick's company in Oz, but not in the others (yet!).



Re: Germany did you try google.de?

And I think this is Sweden's country code
Thank you, mscir. I took a look. PJ may be right and there is more activity than our engines in English capture. I have found some in German previously and linked to them on 120+.

This is really a job for an RV organization and the only one that might be in a position to do it is, naturally enough, the International Remote Viewing Association.

Although we are very active, growing (over 200 free and paid members now) and have int'l members, APP is not in a position to do this.

Speaking of IRVA, are there any IRVA members here and if so, do you know what the group's policy is regarding its international members? As was noted above, it claims members in 23 countries.



In Portugal we have zero interess and zero research in any type of extra sensorial research... and of course zero RV.

We do have a Foundation (Fundação Bial) that sponsers research in parapsychology... but all the grants they give go to researchers from other countries.

The situation of remote viewing in Portugal?? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Here there is no situation: because it does not exist. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(