What is "The Source" ???


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I've been reading several books lately relating to RV, Nei Kung, Sanskrit and Hands On Healing.
They all seem to refer to something commonly called, The Source. What is this source ?
How do we access The Source directly, what methods can we use to gain access to the source,
Does prolonged access enhance psychic abilities ? Why do NDE'ers gain enhanced psychic
abilities u pon contact with The Source ? Can the brain be tuned into this source directly ?
What does the source feel like ? Does it feel like Love, hate, indifferent or positive,
negative or neutral ? Why has The Source been cloaked so densely from our conscious awareness ?
Was this deliberate if so why ?
Why does The Source respond to our intentions and appear to grant our wishes?
Is The Source our spiritual home ? Do we originate from the source ?
If so why do we keep coming back from the source ?
Can we understand The Source through science, religion or both ?
How would our species evolve if we had direct access and awareness of the source and how would
an advanced civilization with full understanding of The Source appear to us today ?

What lies beyond The Source ?

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about these questions.



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Tunde said:
I've been reading several books lately relating to RV, Nei Kung, Sanskrit and Hands On Healing.
All good stuff!
They all seem to refer to something commonly called, The Source. What is this source ?
Depends on your perspective of reality, The Source is the other 99% that can never been seen. Moving down the lists my responses will be from a Kabbalistic or Shamanic response interchangeably and will use a Christian source for references.
How do we access The Source directly, what methods can we use to gain access to the source,
Does prolonged access enhance psychic abilities ? Why do NDE'ers gain enhanced psychic
abilities u pon contact with The Source ? Can the brain be tuned into this source directly ?
What does the source feel like ? Does it feel like Love, hate, indifferent or positive,
negative or neutral ? Why has The Source been cloaked so densely from our conscious awareness ?
Was this deliberate if so why ?
To understand those it is imperative you understand your relationship to the Source. We are all of the source meaning a flicker or a Divine Spark. Our bodies are only the vessel.

To become familiar with the source is to know it, open up to it as you would a friend. The more familiar you are with it the greater the response. Hopefully I haven't over simplified it for the Adepts that are wagging their heads.

There is a lot here, the pineal gland is the gland in the body that does the spiritual processing. Locality is where the body resides but not the soul, spirit or mind.

Meditation, prayer will open the neural pathways to the spirit. DMT will open you completely to the spiritual realms but is much like running your lawnmower on alcohol.

NDE's open the neural pathways to receptiveness. I guess one would assume that anyone who has an NDE is pumped with DMT naturally produced by the pineal gland, thus activating the gland.

To answer your last two sentences, yes the governments of the world have colluded to pacify the people by cutting them off to their spirituality. Much of the research was carried out by the Nazis during WWII on prisoners. Fluoride is used throughout much of the world to cut us off from our 'source'.
Why does The Source respond to our intentions and appear to grant our wishes?
Is The Source our spiritual home ? Do we originate from the source ?
If so why do we keep coming back from the source ?
Again perspective, in the beginning there was only the source, the source had everything it wanted and needed to share, but how? This can be translated many ways depending on our ability to comprehend. The source in Kabbalistic terms was filled with so much pleasure it shattered, now each shard of the source is reuniting and each of us is God having a singular experience.

But as part of the Source we have a direct connect, the source is everything and everything is information. If you want to know, everything material is just vibrating shards of light.

We come back to the source as many times as it takes to rarefy our spirit to the point we can take on greater responsibilities.

Can we understand The Source through science, religion or both ?
Neither, science is too limited and religion is a control system, I consider 'belief' systems to be more informative, Zen, Kabbalah, Shamanism something with with an oral tradition with no power structure.

How would our species evolve if we had direct access and awareness of the source and how would
an advanced civilization with full understanding of The Source appear to us today ?
EXACTLY like Adam and Eve before the the fall, both my statement and the historical myth are metaphors for the question you asked.

What lies beyond The Source ?
The Source is infinity, until we are the same frequency as the source, we will never know what the source considers infinity.

Lots and lots of good questions, I learn much from the other explanations I hope because I have been forthcoming as I understand 'The Source' so too will others. Let's hear it I've pulled off my foil and put on my thinking cap, this discussion will be very valuable to me.



I call the source God. People confuse me. There are so many of them and this is Planet Earth. Who cares really. It is very hard and takes time and thought and letting go. The letting go is very hard. It is something different to astral voyage or even RV. RV is a lot easier.


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Glenda said:
RV is a lot easier.
Healing is considered by many to be easier, it is interactive, sometimes feedback is instant. Now I'm speaking of Reiki using energy from The Source with the practitioner being the conduit for the person needing aid. Level II and above the healer can perform distant healing.

I had already been a Reiki Master when for nearly two years when my dad had a stroke, my sister sent an email before he even left in the ambulance which I read 10 minutes later. A hundred and fifty miles and 2.5 hours later he was the first one to recognize me when I came through the doors in ER. (who said Cadillacs don't fly)

*Note - cancers and tumors are the trickiest because you can't just push energy, the cancer and or tumor will both grow. Also severed limbs can be healed so fast they cannot be reattached, so you've got to be careful there too.

There are many types of energy healing, all of them valid but for the scope of this thread, I'm speaking of being a conduit for the energy from the source.



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I quite like this explanation:
There is one all powerful force that binds the entire universe together. It is "an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together". This is a concept that most religions of the world concur with. Some refer to it as their deity, some refer to it as a life force, but the one thing nearly all religions agree with, is that there exists a single unifying force.




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Daz said:
I quite like this explanation:
There is one all powerful force that binds the entire universe together. It is "an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together". This is a concept that most religions of the world concur with. Some refer to it as their deity, some refer to it as a life force, but the one thing nearly all religions agree with, is that there exists a single unifying force.



Lol good as any definition I guess.
How does the possibility of the existence of multiple universes play into the
one unifying force/source that binds all reality hypothesis? Where did the source originate from?
How did it come into being? Are there other universes out there each a "source" in their own right?
subject to different laws ?



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Mycroft said:
Lots and lots of good questions, I learn much from the other explanations I hope because I have been forthcoming as I understand 'The Source' so too will others. Let's hear it I've pulled off my foil and put on my thinking cap, this discussion will be very valuable to me.


Well that's the plan hopefully others will chip in and share their thoughts



The Source is folded and layered, curved and twisted, inside-out and out-side in. It is moving and it is still. It is wide and it is narrow. It is vast and it is a point. It expands and it contracts, it separates and it rejoins itself. It is one and it is many. It is seen and it is unseen. It is heard and it is silent. It is hollow and it is solid. It is empty and it is full.
The source is the ultimate pool of anything and everything.

I am so jealous when I see a bug or a bird flying. I cannot believe that I cannot fly. I fly perfectly well in my dreams or out of my physical body. I remember flying and that it was the norm. So why can I not fly as I know possible in this body form now?
Is it because I am folded and layered and curved and twisted, etc.. just as the source is?
Why do I know what it feels like to climb and reach the top of a high mountain so I have no interest in "doing it again" in my present body?
Why do I know what different life form bodies feel like to be in those bodies; animals, birds, fire?

The source gives and takes as we do. Does it give and take as we need? Does it have an intelligence and parent like quality?
My opinion is that it is many aspects just as we see many aspects of life and creation. There is nothing that is exactly like another and everything is not attracted, not pretty, not nice and everything is attracted, nice, pretty. Polarized; not that either.
There is no definition. Definition would stop the flow. Definition creates.

There are Echoes within the Source. These "echoes" are experiences,knowledge;past,present and future.
We can"ride" or tap into and experience these echoes and even learn from them. They are the "frequencies" and "vibrations". They feel real. In a sense they are real, but they are an echo.
(How do we locate an echo that gives us those lottery numbers?)
I believe that Echos can be used to create realities. One who can use them in knowing and understanding can create anyway they want to.
Many times I think that the "echos" "haunt some of us. I mean that they are "accidentally" tapped into and they affect our realities. Some in good ways and some not. Of course there are those who use the echos as influences, too.

One can feel an overwhelming comfort, warmth, heart aching depth of attachment and longing and feeling of love in connection to the Source. A sense of home.
A sense of freedom attached to a connection to the Source.

At this point we as humans (we as an aspect of the Source) feel lost and ripped off a bit. Like our full powers were taken away from us (well some of us feel that way). This experience I feel absolutely has to do with "evolving". Getting past limitations and creating/manifesting miracles. Regaining our superpowers and feeling that Love connection to the source constantly. Big feat here on this planet as we experience the fear,losses,hate,horror,sadness,anger,deceit. It is like being in the toughest University on the planet and we have to make it through (all the way through) and graduate.


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That was beautiful ;D
Your ideas mirror my own theories and then some.
Exactly the kind of response I was hoping to get from folk here.



Yesterday, Rev's wrote me that she had been feeling tired. Her career is demanding. She needed energy. I read her words and thought about them. Well, today, I realized, in honesty to myself,and I just work part time. I had felt that way for awhile. Just tired in general. I asked "the source.," the deeper caring God thing, if that was really an issue. I'm healthy. I don't have to pinch pennies. But I felt really tired. Should I feel that way for some reason? Was is a concern? I went to work today from one p.m. to seven p.m. I have a very best friend at work, Vickie. She is a hick like me, but more so. I didn't get to see her a whole lot today, but a few times. She is very down to earth. We left at the same time. As we were walking out she said to me, not word for word, but close - I have to go home and rest for the big sale tomorrow. (furniture) I feel tired lately. Yesterday I told my husband that I felt tired and bought some vitamins.

I told her that I'd felt tired too, and didn't know why and to let me know if the vitamins helped. She's a good person and said she had only taken a few but would let me know. She will. But really it was just stunning. Like a direct answer. I was shocked. I don't even know how to tell anyone really how shocking it was when she went there. Timing is often shocking to me. I call it a God thing.


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Daz said:
I quite like this explanation:
There is one all powerful force that binds the entire universe together. It is "an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together". This is a concept that most religions of the world concur with. Some refer to it as their deity, some refer to it as a life force, but the one thing nearly all religions agree with, is that there exists a single unifying force.


This is very cool, only a year ago did I become aware this was an actual religion. A defining moment in my life was when during the original movie he was on the bridge doing sword practice blind folded, right then and there was a wow moment for me.

As for the number of worlds or planes of existence, in the dream scape (not drug induced) I visited a place where the dead wait to move on, I thought I was dead and they laughed at me, then I asked how many places are there and I was told how many there were and how many I could access.

There are tens of thousands in the next immediate level, depending on where you are how many you have access for.

Remember your spiritual state is somewhat like an interview it is simply a state of being and not necessarily a condition of character.



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NEO: Tell me how I separated my mind from my body without being jacked in.
Tell me how I stopped four Sentinels by thinking it. Tell me just what the hell
Is happening to me.

ORACLE: The power of The One extends beyond this world. It reaches from
here all the way back to where it came from.

NEO: Where ?

ORACLE: The Source....

- The Matrix : Revolutions

Here's a broad take on "the Source", from the Journal of Scientific Exploration (2004):

Sensors, Filters, and the Source of Reality

‘‘. . . Celestial light,
Shine inward, and the mind through all her powers
Irradiate; there plant eyes; all mist from thence
Purge and disperse, that I may see and tell
Of things invisible to mortal sight.’’
John Milton

On the basis of a quarter century of laboratory and field experimentation on
consciousness-correlated physical anomalies, extensive informal personal discussions
with our operators and other colleagues, and a number of previous
attempts to pose conceptual models consistent with the empirical results, we have
offered here another metaphorical perspective on those aspects of the mind/matter
dialogue that may underlie its anomalous manifestations. Like its predecessors,
this model deviates from causal physical logic, which may actually be the culprit in
the anomalous appearance of such phenomena, in favor of a more generic
comprehensive approach to the creation of tangible reality. More specifically, we
have proposed that the normal physiological sensory channels that provide our
material brains with information about our physical environment are routinely
supplemented by various subjective modalities that inform a more extended, less
physicalistic consciousness. Both of these categories are posited to have two-way
capabilities, i.e., they comprise direct resonant couplings between the mind and its
environment, as well as stimulate a variety of indirect responses, all of which are
capable of transmitting information in either direction.We also have proposed that
our palpable physical surround is an emergent property of a much vaster intangible
reservoir of potential information, which we have labeled the Source, and that the
emergence is enabled by the resonant coupling of this Source with its cosmic
complement, the organizing Consciousness. Finally, we have suggested that the
intensity of that resonance is limited by the physiological and mental filters
imposed upon our objective and subjective sensory channels by various physical,
cultural, and emotional factors.

We then turned to explore possible means of relaxing or tuning of those filters
to enhance the resonant dialogue between Consciousness and the Source, thereby
allowing richer experiences to unfold, and providing some insight into the nature
of the Source itself and of the extensive Consciousness. Possible strategies for
such pro-active filter tuning, while inherently difficult to specify and
communicate, were suggested to entail a constellation of counter-conventional
attitudes and beliefs. These include openness to alternative interpretations of
experience; invocation of interdisciplinary metaphors by which to express and
reify those alternatives; surrender to resonance with those realities and thereby to
their Source; recognition and acceptance of uncertainty as an intrinsic
characteristic of both the Source and the Consciousness, and thus as an essential
ingredient in the creation of any reality; and relinquishment of ‘‘either/or’’ mental
duality in favor of creative complementarity of concepts, especially those of
intention and resonance, and of Consciousness and the Source themselves.

These are not trivial alterations of our attitude toward the establishment of
reality, and collectively they appear to be at fundamental odds with the
conventional scientific tenets of objectivity, replicability, falsifiability, quantifiability,
causality, and determinism. Certainly, they are not the usual attributes
drilled into young scholars aspiring to standard scientific careers. But they are
consistent with, indeed impelled by, the accumulated research evidence that
has repeatedly verified the existence of mind/matter phenomena that refuse to
be accommodated by the traditional assumptions, and they have proven to
be productive, indeed necessary, expansions of scientific attitude for their
systematic study. Most especially, as it becomes increasingly apparent that
physical reality can be objectively affected by subjective factors that usually are
disregarded in the prevailing scientific paradigm, it becomes correspondingly
imperative that these be acknowledged and formalized if the study of such
anomalies, and indeed of Consciousness itself, is to be brought to both rigorous
and productive research. The most direct means for such acknowledgment
would seem to be the generalization of what heretofore have been regarded as
the objective scientific principles to more comprehensive forms that explicitly
include attitudinal factors, and thus can apply to these elusive, subjectively
correlated, but nonetheless profound and powerful phenomena.(6)


I have a friend who told me it was "dark matter" though we don't know what that is yet - still trying to study it - because it holds the universe together. Theories.


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The Convoluted Universe - Book Three

What is the great central Sun?
L: One thing is that it’s made of – everything is in it. Everything
is in it, because it all was sucked right in there.

D: What does it look like?

L: To me it looks like you’re in a creamy, golden, yellowish
light, but it has the sense of being in flames. You can’t see
the flames. You can’t feel the flames. But it’s the sense of

D: I don’t want to influence you, but I’m thinking about
something I have been told. That over eons, everything that
was created implodes back to the Source. Does that make

L: No, that’s not what I’m being shown. I wasn’t being shown
an implosion. I was being shown symbolically that
everything we talked about: my home, Earth, whatever,
emanates from there. And I just got the words, “No
implosion, no explosion.”

D: Would the great central Sun be the equivalent of what some
people call the “Source”? (Pause) Do you think it’s the same
thing with a different name?

L: Other people call it the Source. But I’m seeing that as a ball
of light. I’m seeing thousands of other balls of light, and then
they’re all whooshing into another place. It’s as if the Earth
is inside – emanates from the Source. Then what we call the
Source, what we see as the Source, looks like that emanates
from another.

D: So we’re limiting it by thinking there is only one?

L: Right. And I’m hearing, it goes on and on and on and on.
And this energy is there to be used by everyone.
I then asked about her purpose, what she was supposed to do
with her life.


The Convoluted Universe - Book Three

When I had my first case where my client went back to the
Source (reported in Book One) I was surprised and unprepared.
As I have said before in this book, many times I am caught off
guard and presented with a theory or new information that I do
not understand. Then I have to consider it and see how it fits into
the other material that I have been accumulating. When I
received the information I wrote about twenty years ago in
Between Death and Life, the Source (or God) was described as a
huge energy source of incredible power. I was told that it was
impossible to describe it in terms our human minds could
comprehend. The force was so huge that it was compared to the
glue that holds everything together. If it were to wink out for a
fraction of a second, everything would disintegrate. They said
that even though we think we have great knowledge in
metaphysics, our concept of God is like a tiny string compared to
the totality of what he really is. Then they said, consider the other
people, their concept would not even be as a tiny string. They
have no idea of what God really is.

In that case in Book One, the woman described the Source
as being in the Sun, but it was not the Sun that we know in our
solar system. This is often called “The Great Central Sun”. It
was described as a bright light that did not burn like the Sun. It
was a place of great compassion and comfort, and she had no
desire to leave. After that first case, I began to encounter more
people who reported the same experience and the same
description. These were reported in Book Two. Now it is
becoming very common for me to find these. Is it because I have
been able to integrate it and understand the concept, so more is
being given to me? Or is it because of the times we are living in,



Returning to the Source :

When this session began, Laura did not find herself in another
life. Instead she returned to an incident in this lifetime when she
almost died. “I was in a restaurant with my friend, Jeanie.
started choking on my food – the air went out of my body. I was
protected. I was not going to die in the physical. Of course, I
didn’t know that at the time. I was shown how protected I am.
I was shown what real love is. I went immediately to a place
where there’s nothing but the white light. It feels good to be back
there. I know I’m aware of angels around me, but it’s the most
beautiful place I can think of. There’s no attachments to
anything. We just are. We’re aware of others, the people we live
with on Earth, but we have no attachments to those things. It’s so
pretty, so nice. It’s so peaceful. I was only taken so far, because
I needed to go back. They just took me to show me the feeling
and the protection and the love. But I was not yet ready to go any

D: To let you know that you were not going to die?
It wasn’t
time for you to go?

L: They just needed to show me that it was okay. That I could
face anything because they were always with me. The
presence, the I Am presence is always with me. Always.

D: But when we come to Earth we forget, don’t we?

L: Yes. And that’s why I was sad. For two weeks afterward I
wondered why I was sad. And I realized that I was grieving
not being with His presence. They wanted me to remember.

D: Why does it make you emotional?

L: The energy is so strong, so loving. It’s cleansing, purifying.
It’s washing away anything that’s harmful or negative to us.
Nothing can attach itself to itself but itself. I feel very
fortunate to know about it. I never want to forget. I never
want to forget.

D: Is this a place?

L: For me it’s the presence. Some people see it as a place. For
me it’s a presence that I carry with me all of the time, that I’m
working to be with all of the time. I came from there, but I
have come far away from it also. Some of us farther than
others. But it’s always there watching and waiting for us.

D: Why do some people go further away than others?

L: Some of it is their choice. I don’t quite understand the whole
thing. I don’t think I’m supposed to yet. But there is
darkness. There are things that are very far away from it, that
are not of this presence. People forget. They get dizzy with
what’s in the material and the denser realms, and the denser
realities. This is why some people, when they die, go through
a tunnel, because it takes them a while to get back to it. They
have to take a journey back to it.
The Presence wants the
people to know that it’s always there, that it’s always with
them. It is shown to people if they need to see it. Some of us
strive harder to be with it and carry it with us, even though
we’re not aware, or don’t trust it. That’s why I was shown
that the Presence is with me all the time. I can build the
Presence within me.

D: What purpose does the tunnel serve for those types of people?

L: It’s just a journey for them to get back.

D: Wouldn’t they just go immediately to this beautiful place

L: Some do. Some that have more of a connection, and are more
aware, or have been working harder. But not all. It depends
on the job as a person, and what they came in for. And how
connected they were when they came in.

D: Then to go back, they have to see it as a journey, as going
through something.

L: Correct.

D: So the plan today was to take you back to this to reawaken the
feeling? (Yes) You say you know that feeling. You carry it
with you anyway.

L: But not like this. When I’m in the physical, when I come
back in, it’s harder to tap into it. It’s harder to be with it. It’s
very, very powerful. This is the closest I’ve been back to it
since that day. They’re letting it heal me and help me.
Laura then began to experience uncomfortable physical
sensations. She was actually feeling sick, and asked me to let her
come out of trance. Instead, I worked on her to balance the
physical sensations and remove them and return the body to
normal. The subconscious instructed me to talk to Laura’s body.
After a few moments of this, I could see she was calming down
and I would be able to proceed. In a situation like this, the
hypnotist must not become upset, because the subconscious will
never allow anything to happen to the body physically. Its job is
always to protect. Besides, if the hypnotist becomes upset and
unsure of themself, the subject can pick up on it immediately
because of their heightened sensitivity while in the deep trance
state. This can cause more discomfort because they no longer
feel confidence in the hypnotist’s ability to keep them safe. It is
always better not to awaken the subject just because of the
hypnotist’s fear or insecurity. I always talk to them and calm
them down and remove any physical discomfort. When I could
see that things had returned to normal, I asked, “In what part of
the body were you experiencing the discomfort?”

L: My heart. My whole body was just racing, but my heart was
so open.

D: Can you ask them why you experienced that reaction?

L: To show me that we can not live in that energy all the time.
That there is a separation. There is a veil. My body could
handle a lot more than most. It has given me a new
understanding of that. Also that the vibration is so high that
the physical body can’t handle more than it’s given, what
we’re ready for. It’s healthy for me to know that, because the
physical has its limitations. While the spirit is residing in the
physical, it can’t return to that place fully.

D: So they wanted you to experience what it was like?
(Yes) But
we also know they would not have put you in any danger.

L: No. That’s why they told me to tell you to talk to my body.

D: They just want you to have that memory.
(Yes, yes.) Even
knowing you cannot totally experience that vibration.

L: No, the body can’t handle it.

D: Are you supposed to use that energy?

L: They can bring it in for me, for what’s needed. But I don’t
need to seek it as hard as I think I need to. I just need to ask
and trust and know that it’s being used. And this will give me
peace of mind to know that I don’t have to work as hard as I
think I have to. I can use this energy to work on other people.
And I will have it with me always.

D: Was it there before, or has it just been put there?

L: Let’s just say I’ve been given a tune-up. (Laugh) It is in my
crystalline structure.

D: I’ve heard of the crystalline structure before.
Do they want to explain what they mean by that?

L: It’s as close to being able to tap into the Source as possible.
The crystalline structure still keeps it in the physical.

D: Is the crystalline structure part of the body?

L: It’s the code in the body.

D: We think of the body being flesh and muscles and bones.
We don’t think of it having crystals.

L: There are different levels of the codes of structure. But there
is a crystalline structure in the body.

D: Does that mean actual crystal?
(Yes, yes.) In the bones, or

L: In the DNA.

D: So it’s separate from what we know as the physical structure,
the anatomy?

L: It’s encoded through.

“They” interrupted the session again and said they wanted
Laura’s body to rest for a minute. They calmed the body down,
because it was still feeling some effects from the contact with the
powerful Source energy. “The heart is still a little too open. This
was such an intense love, that it’s indescribable. That’s why it’s
so encompassing. We have this within our cellular structure to a
certain degree. It’s like I’ve tapped into the big computer, the
main circuits. And every cell in my body tapped into it.”

D: That would be like an overload, wouldn’t it?
(Yes) But I’ve had other people go back to the Source. They do describe it
as great love, but they don’t have that kind of reaction. Is
there a reason?

L: The physical body wouldn’t have been able to handle it. They
just got a touch of it, and that was enough for them. Laura’s
was because she is going to be using this in her energy work,
putting it out. It will help heal.

D: How is Laura supposed to use it?

L: She can use it through her thoughts. She can use it through
her eyes. She can use it through her touch. She just has to
ask for the appropriate vibration to come through for each
person, for each situation. It is now changing her cellular

D: How is it changing Laura’s cellular structure?

L: Your words and our words sometimes are hard. We’re
having to process through Laura’s brain.
Yes, and I know the language is not sufficient.

L: So sometimes when there’s not an immediate answer, let us
process through the brain. (Pause) Laura doesn’t have a
vocabulary, so we’re having to speak through – (Pause)
Seventh Ray energy is now able to come through. Laura will
be able to tap into the Seventh Ray.

D: What is the Seventh Ray energy?

L: The Christ energy. The crystalline structure on a cellular
level would have to change in order to hold the vibration of
the Christ energy, so that we can share the body. And the
Christ energy comes in so that the cellular vibration can
upboot to hold the vibration, without harming her. So that
this physical body can also live in this realm.

D: When you say the energy will live in this body, do you mean
it just stays there while she’s doing her work?

L: Not all the time. Not at that vibration. A portion of it. The
body couldn’t handle it. That’s also why we were given this
experience to know that it’s okay for it to return. That it
doesn’t have to be with you all the time, Laura. “Channel” is
not the correct word, but Laura will be able to channel the
energy toward the person or situation she’s working with.
I returned to the question that had not been answered earlier
when I was stopped so the body could adjust. “Did you mean the
crystalline structure is something that’s in the genes, the DNA?”

L: Yes, it is what you come in with. That code could be
upbooted or changed.

D: The code is what you come in with?

L: And abilities, and purpose, and what your body’s going to be
like when you come in. Physically. What you’ve chosen.

D: And that can be changed if it’s appropriate?

L: Yes, it can be changed. Also, if you choose to let it change.
If you’re also on your path, it will change. You have times in
your life when you can change your code. Crossroads, as you

D: When you choose to go one way or the other.

L: Right.

D: I was confused because I think of crystalline as being

L: It’s the best word for it that you have. Not like crystals that
you find here in the physical. It’s more of an etheric type
crystal. It’s more of an energy. And I saw many, many
colors. It would be like looking at an energy wave in a
pattern, and they’re calling that a crystalline structure. It’s
only part of it. It’s very difficult, in your words, to explain.

D: It’s the best you can do in our language.
That’s why I ask so
many questions.

L: And that is good. It’s just hard in this voice.

D: So the experience that just happened to her changed her
code? (Yes) It could only be done while we were doing this?

L: This was an advantage. This was an experience of total
relaxation and trust, and openness. She needed someone in
the physical to guide. Someone that would trust and know
that everything was okay. Someone who wouldn’t stop it.
But she needed someone to help calm the physical body. This
is now a clearer channel. It’s exciting for us! This body will
be a channel to help heal everybody. Some old abilities have
been brought back.

D: Oh! What kind!

L: ET, as you would call them. (Laugh) Of course, you are ETs
to the ETs. I’m kind of laughing at your perception.

D: Do you mean “abilities” from the ETs, or what?

L: Old abilities that she had in past lives. Higher consciousness.
Bringing in energies from other realms to help in this realm.

D: What lifetimes were those?

L: This was on another planet. Oh, what a nice experience!
Peaceful and calm, loving. A light body. Oh, she could
travel! She could travel! Just “shhwwish”! By thought.
That was the vibration much closer to Source. She traveled to

D: So in that body, they were all interconnected?

L: Oh, yes! There was nothing separate.

D: That’s different from the Source she just experienced?

L: But they were tapped in much more to that! You are so much
farther from that! It is a shame! It’s sad.

D: What abilities do you want her to reawaken that she can use

L: The healing abilities are part, but a smaller part. It’s more of
a thought, the healing of the thought of the planet.

D: What do you mean? I know the planet is a living being.

L: The thoughts that are around the planet, and on the planet,
need healing for the planet and the people to heal. It’s the
thoughts that are killing the planet and the people.

D: Where do these thoughts come from?

L: These thoughts are manifested in the lower realms, in the
denser realms of the physical. The greed, the deceit. All
those things that are not part of the pure, love consciousness
as we know of God. These are not from God. They’re from
the physical.

D: And that is what needs to be healed?

L: Yes! And that is the second coming. That is part of the
Second Coming of Christ, as you call it. When the
consciousness of the planet changes, that will be the healing.

D: I’ve always known it wasn’t the second coming of a person.

L: It’s the consciousness. That’s how you would know to say it.
It can be called many things. When Jesus came, He was able
to embody this Christ consciousness. And He was and is a
way-shower, to show you the thought pattern, thought form.
How powerful that is! And that’s what helps connect us.

D: So you on that side want the Christ consciousness to return

L: Yes. This is the second coming. We need to heal the
negative thoughts of the planet, to bandage them and heal
them. This is part of Laura’s job to help do that.

D: That sounds like a big job! How is she supposed to do this?

L: Through her thoughts. Through helping people change their
thoughts – empowering them so they can empower others.
She will see new skills develop as she goes forth and sees
new ways to do it. The opportunities will be opened for her.
And she will feel it now in her heart when the opportunity is
there. She will remember and feel this experience. We had
to give her an experience that she would remember. Keep the
mind clear and pure as possible. She needs to teach
meditation and pure thought consciousness to people.
Teaching people to use their thoughts to spiritually awaken.
Changing thought forms! People are creating many of the
negative entities through their thought forms.

D: Then these are not actual creations from the Source.
They are just thought forms that have been created from the
people’s thoughts?

L: Yes, yes. And some of them are not so good. So I have been
clearing those thought forms, washing the walls of the molds
that just happen. You could call mold a negative energy or
demon if you wanted to. But our people will come in and
wash it off the wall.

D: It goes along with the idea that thoughts are things.

L: Yes. A wrong action, free will, drug use, creates. Those that
serve in the higher realms can dispense and dissolve those
energies, and have it sent to Source. That’s why I have come
into being, to have it sent to Source so it can be transformed
into positive.

D: So it’s not physical. It’s just energy that people have created.
(Yes) But is this different from elementals?

L: Yes, it is different than elementals, just as we are different
than elementals. And just as we cause mischief, they cause mischief

D: I figured they were like a basic form of energy.

L: Yes, and they have thought forms, too. So we’re all dealing
with each other’s thought forms. We’re all dealing with each
other’s stuff. (Laugh)

D: This is why when some people go into certain places, they feel
uneasy or uncomfortable?

L: Yes, they are feeling those negative energies. People can call
them “entities”, you can call them “demons”, you can call
them whatever you want to call them.

D: It’s the energy left behind in that place by whoever has lived

L: It could be. There are many, many different facets to that.
Many. Too many.

D: And there are other places that have a very positive uplifting

L: Yes. It’s very real. Very real. When I first laid down and
started crying, I was going toward the Source. The pure love
that I was feeling. It was coming toward me, and that’s why
it was washing that away and out of me. So we could meet at
the highest vibration I could handle. I am so thankful. Just
the brief memory is so wonderful.

D: So part of Laura’s job, her purpose, is to change this energy
to the highest energies so we can change the thoughts of the
world. How do you want her to do this?

L:Classes, seminars, pamphlets, books, however she can get it
out there. It will be given to her and she will be guided.

D: But how do you teach something like this?
What do you tell
people to do?

L: Start with meditation, show them about thoughts, how they
really become things by basic kinesiology. Starting with
basic meditation skills. Starting with teaching them how to
change their thought patterns and their thoughts. Even if it’s
with one word, one thing to help them to manifest these, show
them how it manifests in their lives. Just start slowly.

D: Eventually, it changes the entire world.

L: We hope.

D: How do you want people to change the energies in their own
homes, because that’s the first place to start, isn’t it?
I wanted some type of ritual that people would be able to
relate to.

L: Blessing. Blessings on the home. Bless the space, positive,
peace be to this house. Peace be to this house. Bless your
home, then bless your own house, bless yourself. Your body.
Because it is your house, your home. Bless this home, bless
this house. Peace be to this house. I ask that all harmful and
negative things be sent to Source. I release it to Source.
Release it to Source. And have anything that’s harmful or
negative here be transformed into love and blessings that are
of the highest and best good. Simple things, things written
down on a mirror in the bathroom. Said every day so it starts
to become part of their crystalline structure. Write down
simple things at first: love, peace, forgiveness. They don’t
even have to mean it at first. They can say, “Love, peace,
forgiveness,” if they need to. And forgiving themselves,
loving themselves.

D: People carry around so much stuff that they need to get rid of.

L: Yes, and they’ll see that when they change that, all these other
things will fall away and their lives will begin to heal. And
allow the lives of others to be healed.

D: Then it gradually spreads until it can have an effect on the
whole world?

L: Yes. There are some powerful people out there. Their
thoughts are powerful. And we need them to think

D: Right now, there’s a lot of negativity in the world.

L: Much depression.

D: Does this also go toward the idea of creating the new Earth?

L: Yes, yes, it’s part of it.

D: By changing the thoughts.
(Yes) Then the negative thoughts
are left with the old Earth. (Yes) When we began today, I
thought we were going to past lives. We didn’t do that.

L: Those have fallen away for now. For Laura, it’s important to
bring forth those things that she knew before into this realm
to help people release things from the past and to move

D: So we don’t need to worry about where we have been in the

L: Some people really do need to, and the lives are very relevant
because it helps understanding and healing. It’s very
important, but from there to step forward into the new

The Light is whole. It has to experience individuality. This
is very similar to what I have discovered about plants and
animals. They are part of a group and operate as such, even
though they are also individual. In order for them to progress to
the human stage they must develop an individuality, a personality.
This is often accomplished by humans showing them love, and
giving them a personality. This separates them from the group
soul and starts their progress. They must do this so they can
experience being human. We are all parts of groups. From the
insides of our bodies all the way back to the Source.



D: She said she was part of the white light, the gold light, as one
of thousands and thousands of little dots. Then a gold shaft
of light came down. What was that?

E: It’s more like divine will, intention. It’s when a need arises.
How the need is met through divine will.

D: So she didn’t have to make a decision.
It was all done for her?

E: Yes. She was part of the light in the shaft. The shaft came
into the light. It deposited this dot into what was growing. It
was part of the spirit being implanted into the physical.

D: Is that shaft different from the Source?

E: No, it’s just an aspect of it. It’s just part of the divine will in
action. It’s a need being met. It’s a process. Not the process,
but one aspect of the process that makes it happen.

D: And then later you’re given choices?

E: How to explain that. There’s contentment either way: when
you’re activated, or when you’re given the choice. It’s
different realms.

That was an interesting choice of words. “When you’re
activated.” Apparently, before that you are part of the Source and
are quite content to remain there. Then when you are removed,
you are activated to become a separate functioning entity (dot,
spark, whatever). Then a different process begins.

D: At the beginning, you don’t really have a choice?
And after that you are given a choice? Is that correct? I’m trying to

E: I’m trying to explain. I don’t have a sense of one being
before the other. Except in this case, that’s the way it worked

The most interesting point that I found in this regression was
the mention of the gold shaft of light. I have reported many times
about the Source, the great central Sun, the wonderful white light,
that we all come from. It has been described many times that we
separate and become physical. But this was the first time this part
of the process was mentioned. Apparently, all the little sparkles,
the individual souls, are quite content to remain in this state of
eternal bliss. Until something else decides it is time for one of
them to separate and begin their journey of learning and
enlightenment. Then the gold shaft separates from the One and
acts as a delivery method to escort the incoming spark to the
receptacle it is to occupy the first time. Then the ongoing process
begins. //


D: What happens when you make full circle and you finally

J: Then we jump off again.

D: You want to start the whole thing again?

J: In whatever way we choose. It doesn’t always have to be the
same. And I’m still just seeing everything. It’s like little rays
of light coming off and making a circle like it’s going around
a globe, only there’s nothing in the center that I’m seeing.
But it’s making a globe shape, and they’re all individually
splitting off and going in all these different directions around
and around. And then back again. But I don’t see the end
when every life stream, every expression comes back into the
Whole. I’m still just seeing the circle, the circle, the circle.
I’m not seeing what happens if and when all the individual
sparks decide to stay home.

D: Yes, what if all of a sudden they said, “I don’t want to go out

J: There are enough wanting to go out that it keeps the cycle
going. I don’t see where they all come back, and don’t leave
again. I don’t see that part. I just see the circle with all of
this light circling around and around. And coming back
through the Source, and then splitting off again. And not all
the same ones, and not all at the same time, and not
immediately, but it is a circle. Eventually, each spark leaves
again into whatever expression it chooses, or expressions.
There may be more than one that it chooses for that time

D: How do you feel about that? Is this something you like to do?

J: It almost feels funny. It feels like we keep circling around
and around and around, and it’s okay. And when we get back
to Source, we want to go again, or we do go again. But it’s
not always human, so we’re not always having the experience
as humans. There are other expressions.

D: What are those other expressions that are not human?

J: I’m seeing life on other planets and other dimensions, and
resting periods. Different choices.

D: Just to learn, to observe, mostly?

J: And sometimes just to relax. Sometimes just to have a time
to be more integrated, more quiet. It’s a different expression
in the physical. It feels very active, and so many different
choices. But there are other places to go that are more serene,
and more relaxing. And we choose to go to those just to get

The Convoluted Universe - Book Three / Dolores Cannon



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The Convoluted Universe - Book Three

The Void

From another case:

Teresa wanted to know what happened during an experience she
had in February 2005. She was meditating when she suddenly
found herself in a dark, formless place of nothingness, which she
could only explain as the “void”. It was not frightening, instead, it
gave her a great sense of enlightenment. When she returned to a
conscious state, she tried to understand it logically, and it made no
sense to her. The subconscious was explaining:

T: That was just an experience of being more in touch with some
of these more refined levels, or other levels of consciousness.
Dropping away the pictures without dropping away this
particular body. I allowed her to have that experience. So it’s
nothing else but to show her that it really is all one
consciousness. And that experience of the void that she had is
even going to a more elementary level of that consciousness. It
is the nothingness out of which everything comes. Everything
comes from that. That is infinite, and that is everything, at its
most unrefined level. And as she had that experience, it would
be natural for her to recognize that none of this is real. To see
that, yes, on one level it is real, but from that level of the void,
this is just near surface, just near hue, just a tint of color. Very
little. That the real reality is the consciousness and is the base
of the consciousness, the pure emptiness, the nothingness, from
which all consciousness stems.

D: Is that nothingness comparable to the Source, or are those two
different things?

T: It would be the Source.

D: Because I’ve heard the Source described as light.

T: It is the darkness from which the light comes. It is beyond the light.

D: People say when they return to the Source, or when they started
at the Source, it is always a bright light.

T: From my vantage point, I can tell you that the light comes from
the darkness. Not – again from my vantage point – to confuse
darkness with evil or anything negative. It is simply that which
contains light. And from my vantage point, that is the Source.
There may be something beyond that, but that is what I see from
where I am. The nothingness. And from the nothingness comes
the light. And from the light comes the differentiation that we
call the somethingness.



I don't know who Teresa is or who D is, but when you remote view, you zip out, scary stuff, and then you go where ever. An airplane, some kind of horse pasture, the sky, another place altogether, and there are others there. Not sure what the void place is. Never saw a void. All of it is pretty confusing and weird if you ask me. Didn't seem convoluted just different. I guess there are levels. Some claim to hover on their ceilings. Really? Why?


Remote viewing seems a little like leaving, going somewhere else. Not nearly like astral viewing which is actually leaving your body, and probably dangerous, but a milder form.