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I had many battles with Glenn over his alleged claims of top secret rv training, and did previous get an email threat of legal action if i ever used the term HRVG on my website again. I also had many verbal battles with Dick and he did not too long ago post a very insulting video about me on youtube.

he has since apologised to me face to face numerous times and Over the years of working with Courtney I have tried to put this behind me for the sake of remote viewing. The rumour is that Glenn hates it that Dick is now working side-by-side with an enemy of his (me) which made him do this, also with whisperings from other jealous people within HRVG, the thing is, dick and I were cordial and friendly but I only became better friends with Dick when I saw the physical and mental affect of him in a disabled state being bullied by his former very close friend - their attempt at trying to cause trouble actually only forged a better friendship between us. The farsight collaborations and work are by no stretch of any imagination perfect, there are mistakes being made, but farsight is trying, it is putting regular public BLIND work out there - how many other such orgs or groups can make that claim - there are NO experts within RV - we are ALL the explorers of a new epoch here, so just try not to be so judgemental is all I ask.

Yes, Dick has made past mistakes, Courtney makes mistakes, I'm sure I do too. We all make mistakes, but we are all here to learn form them so cut the guy some slack, im not saying forget, but we have to try and forgive, to be the better man, to move forwards - its why we are all doing this isn't it?

is this karma, does dick deserve this - who am I to judge?
All I know is bullying is wrong, bullying people who have disabilities is even worse, censorship and claiming ownership of another persons work is quite frankly a battle, and as for the participation on the board of IRVA, claiming to be there for the betterment of RV, and allowing the VP to act like this without sanction, is quite frankly why the org just will not survive, it puts its own self interest above the interests of the community and of RV, and in the end, that will surely fail.
Very well said, Daz. Thank you for putting this additional information out there about Dick's difficult condition - it adds a personal dimension to what's going on that most people have not been not aware of till your post.

And you make a key point: those who put their "own self interest above the interests of the community and of RV."

That is something we all need to be very mindful of. It's been the Achilles heel of RV, IMO, and the source of many of our problems.

TKR is an excellent example of the reverse of that - the community comes first here.



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On a related note.... If one reads the original source document linked at the top of this post. We read in a message from Hitomi:

"I am an independent viewer. I don’t belong to any RV community or HRVG. In fact, HRVG excluded me before I have finished learning their protocol. (They said that the protocols should be taught to only USA citizens due to the national security. I could not be a member because I am a foreign national). However, I am still in touch with Dick. He was highly praising your great work, which are featured in the new DVD."

I believe that Hitomi being excluded from learning the HRVG remote viewing protocols on the basis of national security is a curious thing in and of itself. The last I've heard, the official viewpoint of the US government is that Remote Viewing does not work. Its pseudo-sicence...mumbo jumbo....so why would they give a rats ass who trained in any remote viewing methodologies. Is this the US Government preventing Hitomi from learning the HRVG method? If so, I think that would be of great interest to a lot of us. If not...then that also tells us something important. By the way, I have watched Hitomi's remote viewing of the God particle and the gubment should be worried about her abilities :)
Hi. I've found this thread via Google (how small the RV world is). I'm very interested in watching Hitomi's documentary, but it seems to be out of stock :/
Does anybody know where can I find it?

Thanks and excuse my blatant hijacking of this thread.


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Daz says: " there are NO experts within RV - we are ALL the explorers of a new epoch here, so just try not to be so judgemental is all I ask."

You might start by example. I'm always amazed just how blind WE ALL can be....