What things would you like to dowse?


do you ever dream you're someone else?
I am doing a really massive review, discard and upgrade of both TKR and the Dojo Psi's target/task collections.

I'm adding a lot more metadata to each, for viewing, administration, and dowsing.

The dowsing categories that already existed were:
  • Temporal (date/time)
  • Locational (place)
each of those to 5-7 degrees of specificity.

I'm adding these three:
  • Life (e.g. living dead, there's a few options)
  • Numinosity (degree of human attention)
  • Gender
The other forms of metadata, which relate to viewing either instead or additionally, cover focus, scale, genre, categories and some administrative elements (copyright, feedback detail, some other trivia).

Does anybody have fairly significant things "about a target" which fall into the forced-choice category (and hence potentially dowsing) that should be added? This is a huge PITA project and I want to do it fully all at once rather than need to go back and update. Thanks.



do you ever dream you're someone else?
Hmmn, that's an idea. Indoor/outdoor sorts of things as well perhaps.
Such info is not always available, or singular, or obvious, but sometimes it is.


I'm a mewling newborn to this, but "enclosed" does seem to come during IAB, which is sort of like indoor/outdoor
The Calendar with massive Pendulum like charts which are setup for for use with Applied Kinesiology on digital systems. So, about anything really.

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Now I have Chernobyl Farms voicing in my mind. So, thinking dowsing most efficient ways to reclaim damaged environments into productive lands. Things like that are great practice, as there are a lot of plants on the palette as options.