What's that darn itchy feeling!


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Many of you probably have experienced it. You sit down to meditate and start to zone out. Next thing you know, this part itches and that part itches. Shortly it feels like ants are crawling all over you! It's darn uncomfortable. I also seems to occur during kundalini type experiences and during remote viewing. What is that!


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Hi Gecko,

I think most of us have experienced the itchy stuff at points along the RV road. I've had it happen sometimes when I get into hypnosis and meditation as well. There seems to be something about changing "states" of consciousness that causes the brain to discharge these bits of stored energy. I'm not sure why, but they can certainly be distracting enough to cause me to lose the signal line connection or drop out of a meditative state. If I'm careful, and just hang on for a bit, they usually pass and I can enter that blissful state. Some days are worse than others, and many days it doesn't happen at all. I've seen similar reactions in people being hypnotized and it seems to happen when I'm prompting them to uncover old discoveries about themselves (finding old stored energy from past experiences?). That's been my experience anyway, for what it's worth. :)


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In TCM (Traditional Chinese madicine) you would porbably be able to map out the iches and trace them or link them to a specific meridian of nerves and whatnot.

I am not sure. Just an idea.

I am presently, cassually, studing the stuff as it is applied to Dim Mac, internal Mertial arts, sort of. Controlling the energies and what not in your oponent and whatnot.

The states of med would most likely start a few nerve sensations.

The Chinese know a lot about what areas house what nerves and what areas of the body the Chi flows through as a result of what thoughts and feelings, etc.



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Hi Gecko,

I had that itching problem when I first started meditating,
but it went away after a short time. I don't know if it is
some kind of interference from the subconscious or if we
just become more aware of our bodies and are more

My itching would usually go away if I would ignore it and
get worse if I paid attention to it and starting scratching