Wisdom of the remote viewing crowd experiment


Hello all,

I'm organising a simple "wisdom of the crowds" type prediction.
Let's call it Wisdom of the remote viewing crowd prediction.

Can we get at least 100 folks to get 100 intuitive / psi responses for a one future outcome? I got 30 so far...

Let's see the power of the crowd in action! Not any crowd, but psi gifted crowd ! :)

I imagined to do a binary event prediction using simplified ARV method using independent judge.
100+ participants will predict an outcome of a binary future event (sport game?).

To make this effort simple for the managing and judging side... let's use simplest associations, not using photosites, but colors and geometric shapes (have better idea?) to serve as associated targets with the two possible outcomes.

Let say.. your task is to: "Please get the color and the basic geometric shape which you will see as your *future Feedback".

*future Feedback = it will be a color + shape which was associated with the winning outcome.

If you want to participate -- click on YES on this page -- this is not yet the task itself, but only for you to confirm your interest -- and enter your email to get the task as this was originally sent to APP members only:

Thank You all
Best regards


do you ever dream you're someone else?
I don't know. Igor might have taken it to social media where the numbers are huge. He did some interesting ARV stuff on other threads if you search. - PJ


I did 3 trials. The results were:
1st trial was a Hit (correct prediction for a sports game). There were 32 participants in 1st trial.
2nd trial was a Pass (because there was almost equal number of matches for both sides/both possible outcomes). 25 participants.
3rd trial was a Miss. 18 participants.
3 trials are not enough to make any conclusions on this experiment.