Would like to see an updated listing of movies concerning RV


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I for one would like to see a compilation or listing of movies concerning or referencing remote viewing. Just looking for something to jog my mind with new theories or ways of looking at the phenomenon. Thanks!



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This is something we are trying to maintain at RemoteViewing.link

Here's the page where they would go:

If anyone has something to add, please let me know.
Oops! Didn't know I only had 30 minutes to edit the post.

Anyways a little gift to you for your work. (sorry if it is already on your site, I didn't see it)

A little tip while 40hz is definitely magical for RV. As far as I know listening to a gamma 40hz binaural actually blocks RV. I do believe 40hz is critical to RV although chain driving (Lyn Buchanan's term) via recorded binaural meditation seems to block my abilities, so you may want to avoid that frequency for RV, totally awesome for manifesting and meditation though.

The frequencies listed have been an essential part of my research, it is my GOTO place for needing frequencies to do certain things. The guy that runs the site keeps it updated too. Sometimes I dream about the frequencies and what they do. Most recent frequencies of interest are 110-119 and my opinions somewhat differ to some listed in this rage, moreso I believe much research in this range has been omitted or not included yet. -Think Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni in Malta for example..


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