Your top 3 RV books and top 3 Consciousness books (2 questions survey)


Do you find it interesting as well as I do to find out what other people find to be their top 3 remote viewing books, and also top 3 Consciousness related books?? So let's share book impressions with each other and learn something new and also to get new reading ideas to expand your personal a 'must read' list.

It will take you few minutes to complete this two questions survey (other 2 questions are optional). Results from this survey will be posted in a day-two on APP discussion list, Facebook and here.

Thank you all for your interest and participation !!!!

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So I did this survey and finished with compiling the results. The following survey was designed to collect information about favorite Remote Viewing books and favorite Consciousness related books.
The goal of this survey was to provide information about favorite and recommended books from individuals actively involved in the fields of Remote Viewing and Consciousness.
Furthermore, survey participants provided their valuable comments and insights about what was most significant they learned by reading specific books.
With presentation of such information it is my intent to help to educate and provide book recommendations for anyone who is interested in subjects of Remote Viewing and Consciousness.


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