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When is the dojo coming back??
2 weeks. Got database resolved. Must do tons of recoding for new version of database and middleware, then move domain name. I'm plowing through it at speed though. Also, in addition to missions, I got a chat that's getting put in the forum right now so we'll be resuming the old Monday night post-mission chats fwiw. As long as I'm unemployed, and now healthy again, I might as well work on the dojo. TANDEM next.
Try relaxing, close your eyes, unfocus your eyes while closed, this will help to eliminate thoughts. Keep that state of mind and images will start to flow in.
When you see the images, come out and write it down in detail, or draw them if you wish. You can re-enter without problem and you will have a lot of information on the page. Your data will be stronger towards the end.
Missing the Dojo :-( It's been months...
I'm sorry. Hopefully not more than another couple weeks now. PJ