• TKR Chat Monday nights: 8pm PT 11pm ET 4am GMT here in the chat room. Also: Mission tasking has resumed in the dojo. Tasks close 7pm Monday nights.

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The hands-on viewing dojo is back, if you missed it! dojopsi.com/tkr/ (new members email me or DM me here, registration's offline for a bit)
the dojo is actually never coming back, is it?!
TKR's site at the Dojo Psi will reopen on January 7th, 2019.
FYI I think you know this but the Dojo's been open since 1/7. - PJ
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I am glad to see TKR is still open. I hope to continue. I have had so much happen in the last few years.. I hope I am ready to settle in to this. I have the ability.. I believe I can be very good at this. I just need to settle in and give it my time. Thank you RedCairo for your time. Blessings.