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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Wed May 5, ?004 6:51 pm Subject: A few notes on the galleries pjgaenir Hi you guys. Few notes on the galleries just fyi. I'll post about their opening on other lists and TKR itself tomorrow. Anybody in a practice group is welcome to use the 'open session' option in the Window Gallery. Makes a nice presentation page of the session & gives you a public url to paste into an email. You can meander through the Practice Gallery to see how it works. And arrange your personal settings for target categories, and advanced targets if you wish. You don't have to upload a session to see feedback. You can just play to test it out. You can visit the Missions Gallery (an advanced option? ), which has "specialty taskings". These vary from normal, serious and instructional types to exploratory types to esoterics--but you choose your minimum feedback requirement. We'll have at least a couple at opening but more coming. It'll be awhile before there's much in the way of 'other peoples sessions to look at' in the TKR Galleries since, of course, "other people" have to add them for that to happen. :-? ) So the Demo Gallery and the voting/comments Peanut Gallery are empty at the moment. I'm hoping over the first month a few folks are willing to dig up their old fave sessions and post those in the Window Gallery--that would be fun, to get a sneak peek at others' stuff! The nicest thing about the Galleries as a whole is simply that it makes it easy and neat for viewers to share with each other, whether working in the system, or working outside it in private groups, or sharing old stuff for the fun of it. TKR has a 'chat complex' in the Galleries & Resource Center area, but it is... not done yet. :-? ) That'll come very soon though, for those of you who like to chat, and I'm going to be running a few little "RV Chat Exercises" for fun at appointed times that oughtta be a blast, just to play with 'group psi' a bit. We're holding the viewer home pages/blogs option for now as well, to finalize stuff there. For those who really ARE doing RV out there, the Missions Gallery looks to be a ton of fun, and we hope you'll join us! Remember you can be ANONYMOUS in this system, with registration or with your session settings, so you can "sneak in and play"! PJ


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Wed May 5, ?004 7:36 pm Subject: Re: A few notes on the galleries docsavagebill Hi PJ, I'm curious why you stress being Anonymous? Is this so that established viewers can practice publically without potentially losing face? Most of the newbies are not known are effectively the only advantage would be to established viewers. But would they go do sessions here anyway? I must be missing something. Bill


From: "pjgaenir" Date: Thu May 6, ?004 8:03 pm Subject: Re: A few notes on the galleries pjgaenir Hiya Doc, A fair question I guess. Consider you are one of the maybe 3-5% of people in the RV online field that writes online openly. You may feel people sharing names and sessions to be simple-'so-what', but much of the other 95% of the lurking field's populace aren't so open. Based on your comment, I imagine telling some fellow, "Frank, I know you are shy, but nobody knows you so even though your personal name's on it, it doesn't count 'cause your name doesn't mean anything to anybody." Ouch. It means something to Frank! And once he started sharing, his name _would_ mean something to people. Maybe he wants to practice while he's new and really sucks at RV without making a reputation for himself as Frank The Guy Who Sucks At RV. ;-? ) This is not all coming from a vaccuum. I have a lot of years in this field of people sharing such things with me privately. I feel when people are developing in RV, anything that can be done to sponsor sharing with others, while avoiding the big ego-threat that helps breed avoidance and defensiveness and more, is good. Viewers have enough psychology to deal with already. Next, consider the nature of TKR, a project trying to bring together a field of people who, on bad days, act more like chupacabras than friends. RV is something that normally only works well socially in small groups where people feel safe with each other. TKR is open to people from every source and stripe. It's not logical nor safe, in the online climate RV sometimes sports, to assume Frank doing a lousy session is not going to result in a dozen people from Group Z [who hate Frank AND the horse he rode in on] trumpeting that Frank has no right to an opinion anywhere now because look at that lousy session. I didn't want encouraging people to share sessions to lead to people getting buried socially for doing so. Long ago when I was talking to Joe about some of my frustrations in the field, he said something I thought was worth keeping. Some of the philosophy of the Galleries is built a little bit around his comment, which is quoted in the Galleries. It was: ------------- One thing I would like to see established is a place where people can go who just want to do Remote Viewing, no matter how good or how bad they might be at it. What their skill level is doesn't matter. Ultimately that is not what it is all about. What it is about is self discovery and determining what makes you tick inside. Period. How good or how bad one is shouldn't make a hill of beans to anyone except the person who is doing it. How much better one becomes than they were last week is a test of character for that person and no one else. Everyone who fights that very lonely battle has the right to share their own observations, and bring up points to discuss with others. They have the right to give an opinion and discuss other's opinions about those issues, preferably in a non-confrontational way and in a place where they won't be attacked for having an opinion, or shunned for having a diverse or different opinion about something which none of us really understands in the first place. The fact that someone can become better than their previous personal best, or the fact that someone can pick him or herself up off the floor from a failure and keep trying, is a test of character and personal courage that no one else knows about and shouldn't need to know about. It's taking place inside someone's own heart and mind -- and that's where it belongs. ------------- [JM] The above doesn't speak to anonymity, but came about in a conversation where ego and RV-field-infighting was under discussion. To some degree, the only way to allow people a SAFE SPACE for sharing RV, when all methods and schools and online combatants are in the same place, is to allow them to be anonymous. Also, I felt that over time we might get students from a variety of niches whose official leaders might not support them sharing with others--there is some serious cult mentality going on in the RV field and there always has been--if they were able to share just their session summary and use an alias, rather than sharing their specific method pages and their name, they might be more likely to venture in. I am trying to make TKR a home for everyone -- not just 5% of the field. I don't want the project limited to the tiny number of people who are willing to throw their name and opinion out for the world, put their ego on the line and perform for others without batting an eye. I want the vast-majority of the field which is a lot more shy, or conservative shall we say, to find it a place that they could interact with others from within a safe anonymity. As a last note, I believe when there is a strong percentage of anonymous stuff involved in any collection, there comes more emphasis on the data and the topic, rather than on the personalities. People are more concerned with what was said and its merits, rather than who said it and their credentials. I consider that a good thing. So, there are many reasons, as you see. :-? ) PJ


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Thu May 6, ?004 8:43 pm Subject: Re: Re: A few notes on the galleries docsavagebill Thanks PJ, Well considered...:-? ) Have you succeeded in getting some of those lurkers from the silent RV community to show up?..and how about the professionals that never post aywhere..any chance they will be there? Bill ------------ Well it's only been open for hours, not even a day old, so I can't say we've succeeded in getting the lurkers quite yet. ;-? ) Actually to be honest, I figure it'll be slow growing for nearly a year and eventually a solid self-sustaining membership. As for the pros, I don't know. I haven't asked anybody, if that's what you mean. I think if we can demonstrate it's a good tool with value to the field, the professionals in the field will appreciate that in their own ways, some of which might lend to occasionally dropping in and commenting on a session, or giving a Missions Gallery tasking, or whatever. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :-? ) PJ


From: "Viv" Date: Thu May 6, ?004 11:?6 pm Subject: Re: A few notes on the galleries eclecticviv Hi Bill: Pj has offered the option of privacy. Some people whether established or not, prefer privacy. Mainly because it is in their nature to be private, as a natural part of one's character. Viv*

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