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Date: Wed Dec ?5, ?00? 9:04 am Subject: A little RV christmas fun. dennanm From the Art Bell radio show transcript of March ?5/?6 1997. ART My. My my. I've got a fax here from a listener: "Art, please ask these gentlemen to speak about the episode they experienced when they were still active within their military unit. The episode involved eight objects entering the U.S. airspace, followed by one more type of an open-air-ship. This story is both amazing and amusing." Don, in Peoria, IL. {much laughter from Paul and Lyn} LYN This was called "The Great Christmas Attack." At one point we got, someone called up to DIA and had DIA call tasking to us. Ed Dames was the monitor on this, and one by one, we remote viewed. Everyone was in on this except Ed, who is very prone to lead the Viewers, and we were sort of doing it just to, you know, show what can happen. The first Viewer went in -- we got all of this on tape by the way -- the first viewer went in and started giving just simple, you know, 'there are live beings here, there are eight objects in front of an open aired vehicle' and so forth. By the last Viewer, by the time the last Viewer, which was me, I was describing runners instead of wheels, and drawing things, drawing the sleigh runners, I was describing bells jingling {Paul and Art laugh}, how his uniform was red with white fuzzy trim. And when I went into the session, Ed told me that -- you know, all the Viewer's supposed to get is numbers -- he told me that 'we are experiencing an attack from over the North Pole with open-aired helicopters which are coming down over the Northern Canadian border, and what we're trying to do here is find out their exact location, and exactly what their targets are,' and so forth. And finally at one point I just said something about 'the pilot is speaking into his radio saying "ho ho ho!"' {Art laughs} and that's about the time, I think when I said that, everyone else who was in the monitor room, where the TV monitor was, laughed so loud that you could hear them through the walls, and that's about the time that Ed caught on to The Great Christmas Attack. {Everyone laughs again.} ART So, all moments in STAR GATE were not serious, dire moments, you guys had some fun.

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