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From: Ken Burns Date: Sat Dec 7, ?00? 1?:51 am Subject: Altered Perception (experience? ) mesundo Hi everyone, I had recently been going through some of my old floppy disks and came across one called Flasher and it reminded me of an experience I had while using it. I was just wondering if anyone here has had their perception altered by using this program or some other type of visual brain wave stimulation? This program flashes different patterns at different flash rates using different colors. It flashes in the delta,theta, and alpha brainwave ranges.You can select a flashrate between 1 to 30 flashes per second. You can find this and other cool software at: http://cerebrex.com/psycho.htm I was using this software with the lights out and my eyes open at the time of the experience. I believe the instructions wants you to close your eyes and look through your eyelids. Well, all of a sudden I perceived the left half of my keyboard as being about six inches above the level of the right half of the keyboard. The right half was on the desk and the left half just 'floating' in the air! I looked at this for about half a minute and started having this strong feeling that something was about to happen, so I turned a table light on and the keyboard looked normal again. After reading the posts about obe's, I am wondering if that 'feeling' that I had could be related to having an obe? I am not aware of ever having any obe's and wonder if there can be any type of feeling attached prior to one. Ken pjrv : Messages : 1748-1761 of 4038
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From: "Linda & John Garvey" Date: Fri Dec 13, ?00? 4:04 pm Subject: Re: Altered Perception (experience? ) linda_g7us >http://cerebrex.com/psycho.htm Hi Ken -- I'm glad you posted about this! I went and dl'd the shareware program and have been enjoying using it, finding it very relaxing and that it helps with meditation. I prefer the #1 flashrate speed, magenta color, alpha (simplest? ) pattern. I've been using it eyelids open, sitting around ? feet from my computer screen. Linda G "The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one." -- Albert Einstein --


From: Ken Burns Date: Sat Dec 14, ?00? ?:55 pm Subject: Re: Altered Perception (experience? ) mesundo > > http://cerebrex.com/psycho.htm > finding it very > relaxing and that it helps with meditation. Hi Linda, I've tried several of the combinations and also find that the slower flashrates are more relaxing. I believe I was using combinations in the theta range when I had the experience. Ken

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