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Date: Tue Jul 30, ?00? 11:0? pm Subject: Altering Perception of Self dennanm Another note from my lab book, this on an experience I've been having lately.... I've been having the odd sense of being taller. Only sometimes. And when I feel it, it is always accompanied by some slight alteration in my feelings, as well. I feel slightly more alive, for example. As if, like the dream-tech [ref from a dream I once had], the atomic structure of me was more cohesive, closer together, I as an energy construct had been "resampled" into a tighter, clearer, more concise pattern. The effect of the 'tallness' is startling. I know for a fact that my body is not changing size. And yet, my perception of space and distance between my body and other objects or people is AS IF that tallness is real. I nearly bump my head on things I don't normally, for example. Or when I look at something I see constantly, I am struck by my slightly different geometric relationship to it. (In fact this is normally what gets my attention and makes me aware of it.? ) I am reminded of the time I asked the "Reality Devas", whatever that might be (I have no idea - I figured whatever consciousness of myself, god, the universe et al. that needed to be reached would not have an identity crisis and would know to whom I was speaking!? ), to help me arrange a room. I not only got all the furniture in the room that I couldn't fit before, but I got even more in! -- and, I had more floor space to move around in than I ever had -- and I had a profound "sense of space" in that room from then on. It also reminds me of a note I made in my journal many years ago, where I was having these experiences of looking at something and having it "zoom" in or out -- not changing at all in objective location, but changing completely in subjective distance and relationship to me -- as if I were being shown that measurable space is as entirely subjective as time. If space and time are sort of like waves and particles, two views of the same thing, then I guess this is inescapable. On the other hand, that would suggest that it ought to be as easy or as hard to get RV data that is distant in space as time. Or, perhaps, that while on occasion greatly detailed EXACT sessions happen, that the same variables affecting data-through-time we see in ARV might actually be at play in data-through-space? I don't know. I'm not sure "logic" can always answer such things, since it requires a linear reality. [end notes] PJ pjrv : Messages : 303-303 of 4038
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From: aeonblue8008... Date: Tue Jul 30, ?00? 7:36 pm Subject: Re: Altering Perception of Self aeonblueau > palyne...rizon.com writes: > I've been having the odd sense of being taller. Only sometimes. Interesting.. I'll have to start reading this list more often. I have that too.. lots. It's a chakra or a brain sync thing. (brain/neuron firing thing I suspect? ) Comes from or side effect of RV or meditational states, far as I can tell. (what is expanded consciousness~? ) (~I feel taller :-? ) Are we in body or outa body . . . or both/an what is real. lots of times in group photos I'll stand in the back row, I'm shure the very tallest one. (and I'm only 5'?"? ) Started after Lifelines (Monroe Inst.? ) I was very tall then, about 6'. ~T~

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