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From: Richard Krankoski Date: Fri Nov 1, ?00? 11:?1 pm Subject: An "experience" RV HIT Rich_crv Well, I just got feedback on a Farview target and its worth a beer or two at least. Dunno if its ok to attach a PDF of it but PJ will catch it if not. [link here] http://www.firedocs.com/pjrvstuff/rpk_s1.pdf I was really happy to decode two ideograms as lifeforms. I had two sketches, one of which may vaguely represent the alligator.
~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group-------------------- DATA: two ideograms decoded as lifeforms. S-? data: soft, warm, low, wide, brown, thin, short, under, covered, curved, curvey, yellow, slot (attached sketch? ) oval shape, black, brown, dry, hard, S-4: curious, land, rocks, dust, footsteps sounds, leaning over, crouching, AOL: zoo confrontation, happy, unhappy, expectations Summary: There are two or more life forms, one large, one small. There is some kind of interaction, one dominant over the other. Feedback: photo of a man wrestling an alligator. pjrv : Messages : 1044-1044 of 4038
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From: greenmn900... Date: Sun Nov 3, ?00? 8:?6 am Subject: Re: An "experience" RV HIT greenmn900... Rich, Congratulations. Nice hit. The conceptual of one lifeform dominating the other is a nice piece of higher level information. Don

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