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From: Timelord?0?9... Date: Sat Jul ?0, ?00? 10:?5 am Subject: AOL's psitrooper?4 Hi Anybody know what is the best way to determine if and when you are getting AOL's and how to get back on the target without screwing the whole session up ? Is it ok to drop the session if no more data is coming through rather than force it and pick it up again in another session ? Is this recommneded ? i know iam asking multiple questions again but just curious as to how others deal with the their dreaded AOL's Peace, Tunde -------------------- Moderator's note: Eventually you're going to have to share some experiential stuff to balance out questions, but I'll wait to drag that out of you till later. :-? ) -- PJ pjrv : Messages : 188-188 of 4038
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From: Weatherly-Hawaii...m Date: Sat Jul ?0, ?00? 11:43 pm Subject: Re: AOL's maliolana Aloha Tunde, When I begin to get too vibrant/colorful or clear a view... I jot it down ...and then clear my mind briefly ...and begin again...Sometimes the vibrant colorful ones are on target but most times they are not... I never try to force it ...because then I am fairly sure it will be 'off target'...my sub doesn't like me getting too pushy... ...I think we have to allow it to happen...by keeping our ego out of it...and to try to force is definately ego in action.... My best info is like energy lines in the dark...and I jot them down as they come...In the place on the page they seem to belong... and probe for temp/water/tastes/smells/repeated patterns/plants animals/etc... My % i in my group... is in the steady 44% in ARV... So maybe you shouldn't listen to me!...hahah ... Of course my 'one person' group is a bit higher...and a tat above chance... My 'on target' views seem to come in waves...Some- times on a roll...hits...and that feels so good...I keep on keeping on... All this with no training to0!...hahahah...They say negative psi is proof as well ...sooooo...I guess that is me!~...hahaha I am going to have to try some of PJ's meditations on fear of psi...I don't think I am afraid of it...buuuutttt....the stats don't lie...Do they? Love & Light & Laughter Mali'o...aka...Dawna

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