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Date: Wed Jul 17, ?00? 11:30 pm Subject: Archetype Meditations (long? ) dennanm Archetype Meditations This will be long so definitely SKIP this message unless you have a major interest in creative meditations! I'm only boring the list with it because it seems silly to talk about the details of such a med if nobody knows what I'm talking about or how to try them. I'm going to devote one post to explaining these, so I can then write a post now and then about my experiences with them. I find these to be some of the most profoundly reality changing focused-intent exercises. I am now beginning to again, gradually get back into them, as a way of re-introducing myself not only to myself, but to opening up a little more 'on the inside' to remote viewing. You can find a really good version of this in the book "The Inner Guide Meditation" by Edwin Steinbrecher. He focuses on astrological archetypes, which I ignored initially, but later found are actually surprisingly workable once you've got the meditation process down. However this is not a Llewelyn book ;-? ) -- it's a fairly serious meditation discussion. ------------------ An archetype meditation is a shamanic creative visualization based on the "waking dream" concept. It very much helps to be in an altered state for them. They can be led by a hypnotist as well in therapy. Practice greatly improves one's ability to do them well. It might not surprise you that the more difficult a given archetype is in your personal reality experience, the more difficult it is to get around to doing the med; to paying attention in the med; not falling asleep; etc. It is difficult to explain to anybody unfamiliar with similar psi or meditation work, as it is a little bit abstract in practice: it is wholly based on imagination, and yet, you are _letting_ your imagination play the characters other than you -- you are NOT making it happen, you are not making it up, you are 'letting' it be made up, which is different. Initially it's a little of both until you get the hang of 'letting' it. Once you get the hang of that, especially when you can do them in a fairly deep theta state for example, they become amazingly, vividly "autonomous" seeming. That is the ultimate goal and in my experience, is when they are most profoundly powerful at changing your life. In a nutshell, the idea is that you specify a concept, and allow your mind to provide you a 'symbol' - your archetype - for that concept, as if you are dreaming (but you're awake? ), and then you work with it consciously. These can be powerful to the point of radical changes in time and space and circumstance within days or hours if done well, and are not to be taken lightly. In my experience, getting the hang of them takes a bit, but once that is done, if they are done really well, in a state of mind where you really allow access to your 'inner self', they are amazing. It is important to do them right, and to use the 'inner guide' concept. If you do them enough, you might eventually get something that scares the shit out of you - which is when you will remember the point of having the 'inner guide' along with you. These really do tap into some DEEP personal stuff. Jung explored the territory of these sorts of meditations, and he felt they were profound and yet also a bit dangerous. He did not use an 'inner guide' concept and I think that would have changed his perception on them. Variations on these are found in cultures and traditions around the world. ------------------- The 'concept' for which you ask for "my archetype of" can be anything. A person, place, thing, event, situation, relationship; a negative or lack of something; a combination of anything you want. Years ago I did these. I haven't in eons (probably 7-8 years, except a couple? ). Back then, once I got into them, I once did three days of multiple meds on the small issue that I had no decent job, no home, no car. (I'd been living in my bitchin RV, hanging out at the beach, working p/t, and a small red car sacrificed itself on my RV, wiping out my home and car in one moment. Sigh.? ) A week later, I had a luxury car, the best 1bdrm apartment in town, a promotion and raise. I did two weeks of meds on a lifetime miserable relationship with my father. He was so radically different the next time I saw him, it took me a year to think he wasn't just putting me on or something. Literally, he was a totally different person. Not only that, but even his wife changed somewhat. Of course, this is likely more about changing oneself and in doing so, changing one's past as well as present/future, but in practice it just feels like the rest of reality is changing. I had a very difficult relationship with a coworker, there seemed zero chance of any resolution. I did a weekend of meditations on him, and by 10am Monday morning he'd left the firm and I never saw him again. He was a VP there for 8 years, so this was amazing. I've had people fall into my life and out of my life almost instantly after focusing on them or certain concepts via archetype meditations. The hardest part is that once you've realized how profound these can be in your world, they become very difficult to 'get around to'. It's like the psychology, in that change=death thing, actually avoids them.
~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group----------------------- In similar meds in a number of traditions, one common theme was found: that one would enter into a cave, or underground, or something 'under/inside'; you go in, make a left turn, make a right turn, and then make a left turn. I have wondered if this is some neurological path. Some exercises in a few forms of yoga and ceremonial magick are based on the idea that certain motions provide certain neurological patterns and results.
~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group----------------------- Usually this begins from one's "sacred space". This is another theme commonly known to about a zillion traditions around the planet. It is alternatively called about 101 other things, including "retreat", "sanctuary", "safe space", 'the garden", and more. A brief outline of creating a safe space is that you imagine a world of your own. Most people begin with just one room or one place, but if you do this regularly, it can grow -- and if you get to the point of 'autonomous' meds like archmeds can be, it can grow all on its own, which is really quite an amazing experience... a whole world within you. It's suggested by the several dozen writers I've seen cover it that one begin by imagining one place that is most comfortable for you. It might be a peaceful garden, for example. Someplace that you can feel utterly safe, peaceful, etc. Mine is a thin plateau cliff -- about 50' in front of where I appear in it, is a sheer drop down about 1000' foot down to a river; and about 50' behind is the same thing (but no river? ). An eagle soars in the distance. To ME, this is relaxing and feels safe. To many it wouldn't! My 'outer guides' hang around on the cliff when I show up there and I often talk with them there. I don't hear them or see them well -- I've a long-term problem with that (never mind? ), but I can 'sense' them there. I can go left for about half a mile and there is a big canyon to cross; past that is a big house that is mine, where... 'identities' used to hang out when I went there regularly... it was very detailed and lively once, but now it is nearly transparent... and empty.... I need to get back in there. If I go back about 50' from where I appear (the other side of the cliff? ), I can walk down this short dirt path, and I get in an iron cage elevator that goes down that backside of the cliff to the ground (very quickly? ). I walk straight ahead from there into a zigzag path in a cornfield that is taller than I am. I come out of the cornfield and there is a cave ahead, which is where I enter.
~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group----------------------- From your sacred space, you arrange for a cave or other "under"-type entrance. It could be an underground home if you wanted, as long as it's "under/in" as a symbolic entrance. You go straight in... and then you turn left... and then right... and then left again. Some people go into different caverns in a cave as they turn. Some people follow an underground trail through that route. Make up whatever you like. I turn left and cross a small bridge over a tiny stream, and I go out an archway in the side of the cave that is literally a different world. (I read too much Narnia as a child!? ). I turn right and walk about 50 yards up (along the side of where the cave wall is actually _above_ ground in that world? ), and then I turn left and walk about 50' over to a small area with some trees and outdoor benches, where my inner guide usually waits.
~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group----------------------- Once you go through that process, you ask for your "Inner Guide" to appear, if you don't already see it. It can be male, female, a shamanic critter, a person, whatever. (I went through a few until I got the one I have now.? ) Now you might not 'see' your guide initially; you might just 'sense' it's there. Some people are really visual and these things are very easy for them; I am pretty left- brain and this took me awhile to accept and work with. This guide will bring you archetypes you ask for, but you can also talk with them about things. They are like an inner therapist.... they know you best... they are also there to help you and protect you. They have full authority in that inner world, because you give it to them.
~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group----------------------- Once you get in touch with your guide, you ask the guide to bring you whatever archetype you would like to meet with. Initially this should be just one... and preferably something you do NOT have any major problem with. The Sun and Moon are really good archetypes for anybody. Symbolism may be predictable or surprising. (My sun was a golden adonis male -- my moon a silver haired, lovely woman. Predictable. My Saturn, however, was a giant green multifaceted dripping monster. LOL.? ) Generally you introduce yourself to the archetype, thank them for coming, and then ask if they have anything for you. You want them to give you something to put on or in your body. It is an 'energy construct' of that archetype and a small merge. These can be surprising or predictable. One example I often give when exampling this is, in a meditation group I used to be in, we did one group arch and most the people got some religious figure that gave them a crystal (etc.? ) in some chakra. I got a giant black knight chess piece that put a rotary sawblade in the fold of my left arm. So you see what I mean about how it can be predictable or surprising. (Now I personally always give them something as well but that is not a common thing in this med.? ) That is the simple, brief way.
~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group----------------------- Archs I have a problem with, will appear with something about them that clearly needs work. Some may be physically injured. Some are dirty in a weird way. I've had other rather odd things. One was immobilized in a force-field. (?!? ) One had spikes driven through it all over. Or sometimes it's not obvious and I have to talk with them to figure out what is up. The first thing I do is 'fix' them, which can take awhile depending. Once they're fixed up, then I do the trade with them. Once you've worked out a good relationship with an archetype, you can spend more time with them. Once my sun, spontaneously (I was pretty out of it - a VERY autonomous med? ), took me somewhere I'd never been in my inner world. We walked forward about a quarter mile through the field, and came to this moving sidewalk that was elevated about 3- 4' off the ground, going Left/right. We went right, and stayed on it for quite a long time. We got off it to the right, in the midst of what seemed a town. The moving sidewalk thing went down the middle and off to the side were all these streets of cobblestone-type surface. We went down this street to the right, about half a block, and then went right, into this building that seemed like a hotel... a big desk was off the left. We went straight in to the back, to an elevator, and went to the very top floor. We got off and went down the hall to the right, to the very end room. It had like a windowed dome ceiling. And he just... "radiated" me like crazy. At one point I had this idea suddenly (which I thought was novel but it turns out wasn't :-? )? ), "Radiate away my fears!" and I felt these sharp, hot pains all over my torso - especially around my chest -- and I thought to myself in wonder, "Wow! Maybe fears really are stored in the body." It ended up being very sexual -- which is another rather tantric phase of these if you want to take it that far. Now I wonder if the going forward, right, right, right, up, right, was yet another 'neural pathway' of some kind. --------------------- I know a few people who do versions of these where the 'cave' has many paths and rooms, and everything is different depending on how you turn. I don't remember the path but I once went into a right branch down steps and around and in this room where this seemingly catholic monk fellow, with the bald head but for the round-tonsure or whatever it is, did this rather odd blessing ritual with me. In a different one led by someone, I found a big old book that had one of my dark secrets written on each page, and I had to take a page and put it in the fireplace and be free of it. Imagination is a lot more powerful than people give it credit for. If you can do these in a fairly altered state so it's not just a mental thing, but your emotional body is part of it as well, you'll be amazed. I believe that a great deal of psychic functioning is "unraveling the information from yourself." As part of that, I believe that a great deal of skill at psychic functioning depends on one's personal clarity. A lot of emotional and mental stability can be worked out through these kinds of meditations. You can get ?0 years of therapy into a night sometimes if you do it right. I've had these happen where I 'merged' with an archetype and felt the most AMAZING physiological result, a 'rush' that seemed to 'light up' every cell in my body. I've had such deeply emotional experiences I felt like I vented core- level stuff and came out of it to find 4 HOURS had passed. These take practice, but for anybody truly interested in profoundly improving themselves, their reality, their past, etc., they're amazing. Well that's enough of THAT. Sorry I tried to condense a book into an email. Buy Steinbrecher's book if you're interested, it's a good one. PJ pjrv : Messages : 169-169 of 4038
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From: joan003....net Date: Thu Jul 18, ?00? 9:17 am Subject: Re: Archetype Meditations (long? ) joanie003 Hi PJ, Thanks for your (long post? ), sharing your discovery of the archetypes, the guides and the locations in what I have come to call "non-ordinary" reality. What you describe is CLASSIC, I mean CLASSIC shamanic experience, environment and geography!!!! What a JOY to read of your experience!!! I've been working with Spirit Guides for some time now...as you always work with "power animals" in core shamanism, but I also received my first initiation to Spirit Guide teachers through Sufi breath meditations that I did some years ago. These Guides seem to have an independent archetypal reality and often come to people in dreams quite spontaneously. - I'm sure I'm just singing to the choir on this :-? )? ) I had the most FABULOUS experience last Autumn of obtaining further POWERFUL 3D world validation for two of my guides through work I did with Larry Peters who is steeped in the Tibetan Tamang (Bon? ) pre-Buddhist shamanic tradition. It is INDEED quite beautiful, to say the least...but how does one describe the Sacred in words? You can't...so much sounds trite or to be an understatement. The CAVES of which you speak are classic shamanic entrances. Alice going down the rabbit hole is a classic portal entry to the lower world. The GARDEN is also a CLASSIC CLASSIC place in non-ordinary reality and we have journeyed there to be with the Spirit of Spring. for example. These places are VERY REAL in non-ordinary reality. Michael Harner of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies is working on a long term project mapping the geography and topology of the non-ordinary realms which some say, mirrors our 3D world spiritually and why healing takes place in these realms, however subtle or "whacked upside the head" it may be. I had one experience in the past few months in which I was a conduit for healing someone in deep distress on many many levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually. This took place in the lower world working with the Spirit Guides and Animals, who always "do" the work. The entities which were taken away were dropped into a swamp to be subsumed into the "earth." Unbeknownst to me, another person I knew on one of these lists also had done a journey. As it turns out, HIS journey totally dove-tailed with mine as he was inside the "earth" working with these entities that had been dropped in there. The potentials for healing in these realms of both self, others and the SOUL of the world is VAST and NUMINOUS and beyond comprehension. It just is what it is. What's FANTASTIC is when the synchronicities emerge in the 3D realm...like getting power animals for someone in need and all of a sudden the animal shows up in so many ways in 3D. It's a wink and a half...but I think the "gawds" like to give us some positive feedback at times to keep us on track.... :-? )? ) I am fortunate that I've been working with a group that meets twice a month for the last six and a half or so years doing the same work of which you describe. Our group is led by a medical doctor who also works shamanically and spiritually for healing of her patients. We don't often share our journeys with others outside the group as they are considered to be Sacred (although there are some exceptions? )..but I assure you, I have heard numerous stories such as you share about the wisdom shared and the healing accomplished by and with these most COMPASSIONATE Beings. Last night for example, we did a "Spirit Canoe" technique as we were working on healing for a man going through a separation in an 18 year marriage. In the past I have posted one journey to the Stargate list and it involved psychopomp work we did for the souls who suffered in 9/11. These Beings I feel come to us all in dreams and spontaneous visions, but they are not necessarily in the forms of "glowing orbs" of Light (though they CAN be? ). They are mostly very subtle yet very powerful in my experience. I feel the most important thing for me has been in developing relationship with these Beings who I love most dearly and tenderly and for whom I ever so grateful. In the Spirit, Joanie

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