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From: "pjgaenir" Date: Mon Dec ??, ?003 11:35 am Subject: Archives for the Future pjgaenir Liz, Glyn, I want to thank you for your courage in making your experimenting public. There are 101 variables to account for; no one experiment can cover more than a few. But someone has to start somewhere, if they are genuinely interested in the inquiry. I'm way behind on pjrv Archives but will eventually catch up. I am highly aware that for everything we do or say, for every person currently on a list, there are lots of others who will come after, next year, 5 years from now or more, and we have no idea what will be of import, or how much some will appreciate finding serious talk by others of like mind on a topic they can't get enough of. You'd be amazed how many people write thanking me for stuff that is years old online at firedocs. To me it's old news and boring. To them, the stuff is invaluable. There are many people who care nothing for archives, find them a librarian's bore, and never read them. But there are also self- educating people who greatly benefit. I can see you guys are doing this to share and to document it being done. Regardless of detail, I want to say I appreciate your doing it, not just for the list but for the archives that (eventually? ) other people will have access to for many years to come. PJ


From: "Glyn" Date: Mon Dec ??, ?003 ?:33 pm Subject: RE: Archives for the Future glynis5799 Thank you very much for those kind words PJ, it was an interesting experience and a heck of a lot of fun; for both Liz as well as myself I am sure. I hope others find them of interest. Whatever others may think of the experiments, I have learned a few things (well I think I will have after I try to think through all those variables ;-? ), and have a few pointers for further experiments anyway. Liz has expressed an interest to do more. I would like to do some with real RV next time, we may be back . LOL! Now it is all stop for a bit because if I dont start thinking of Christmas and the chores and talking to my husband about other things rather than retro-tasking, RV and future memory, then he will leave home ;-? ). I will be reading mails but will probably fall behind for a bit. Sorry Liz, I cant tell you or anyone about

#8. I

f its all going into the archives then it wouldnt look good if I reneged on my original intent; even though for a done and dusted thing and not a future question it probably wouldn t matter now. By now people are probably thinking Im off my trolley with my weird ideas, so they deserve a rest from me ;-? ). Bye for now, Thanks again PJ, Kind regards and have a great Christmas all, Glyn

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The RV Oasis / PJRV Discussion List Archives

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