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From: "scottrver" Date: Thu Oct 3, ?00? 10:49 am Subject: ARV questions about improving ARV scottrver Hi All, I'm soliciting suggestions for questions to have answered using ARV that will presumably result in some insight for improving the reliability (displacement frequency? ) of ARV. Also, please PEM me if you would like to participate as a viewer. I have done one test question and got a hit with strong target contact but otherwise I have no idea how well this will work - but there's only one way to find out. I want to ask questions about the nature of ARV displacement, although I will entertain others. Some examples: "Does self-judging one's own ARV sessions tend to increase the frequency of displacement relative to the frequency of hits?" "Is the frequency of ARV displacement relative to the frequency of hits correlated either directly or indirectly with LST?" "Is the frequency of ARV displacement effected by human targeting vs. computer targeting?" The possible outcomes are yes, no, and "other". Some questions might want to be very broad to hopefully find a correlation category and then narrow it down later with more specific questions. My hope is to be able to make some hypothetical headway with ARV displacement with this method and then perform a controlled experiment for validation. Sincerely, Scott Ellis

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