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From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Thu Oct 31, ?00? 11:05 am Subject: a session ozblueriver Hi PJ, With all the talk about posting sessions I thought I would donate one of mine that I have just done. I have a couple of practice partners on another list who send me targets via e-mail and when I have finished the session I send it to them via e-mail then they send me the feedback. It works very well as we all take our time and there is no pressure. I have included my session and the feedback as attachments. Session: http://www.firedocs.com/pjrvstuff/08977564FFSession.jpg Feedback: http://www.firedocs.com/pjrvstuff/08977564FFFeedback.jpg Now that I have the feedback, I can see that my impression of flowing water was in fact snow ( the river being the track in the snow? ). I have done a similar session once before and had the impression of water rather than snow. I felt the cube as quite heave. There was a pressure about it that I thought may be its denseness. It seems that I was picking up on the pressure exerted on the sled from the people riding on it. I will refrain from commenting on all my wrong impressions. LOL I did this session in 10 minutes. I was very tired and wanted to get it over with before I went to bed. I used my usual method of sitting quietly at my desk. I stare at a neutral spot on the wall or on my paper then make sure that my mind stays completely blank while I wait for an impression to fill the void. Once I write the impression down I then settle myself and go blank and wait again until the next one comes. This method suits me much better than a meditative state as I tend to go off into wonderland in a meditation. Have a groovy day Liz pjrv : Messages : 1010-1015 of 4038
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From: Richard Krankoski Date: Fri Nov 1, ?00? 10:39 pm Subject: Re: a session Rich_crv Hi Liz, > I have included my session and the feedback as attachments. > Session: http://www.firedocs.com/pjrvstuff/08977564FFSession.jpg > Feedback: http://www.firedocs.com/pjrvstuff/08977564FFFeedback.jpg There is something about one page sessions that appeal to me. Where did you learn the methodology? Rich


From: "Eva" Date: Sat Nov ?, ?00? 1:54 pm Subject: Re: a session k9caninek9 Well there are few things more irritating than going on and on and on with a session, only later to find out that most of it was really bad! Talk about compounding the feeling of stupidity! However, if one's session is really on, then the analyst will want to see all that extra data. Also, sometimes a session starts off weak and then pulls together later. Unless you can describe the target in it's entirety right away so that the analyst will easily know what it is, then it seems to me for operational viewing, more is better. You just have to learn to keep a lid on the castle building. -E pjrv : Messages : 1035-1035 of 4038
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From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Sun Nov 3, ?00? 7:44 am Subject: Re a session ozblueriver >There is something about one page sessions >that appeal to me. >Where did you learn the methodology? Hi Rich, I've only been doing RV since Pru put a few lessons up on the net. We are supposed to do a very quick ideogram and then work it to get as much info from it as we can, then the idea is to do two more. This gives us the chance to get three different aspects of the target. Further along we do another sheet and try to integrate all three scans together. At the end of each scan we are supposed to draw any perceptions and again at the end of integrating all 3 scans. Because I was so tired when I did this session, I only did one scan. If I had done another two and then integrated them I may have come up with better information. Personally I like to do only one page. I find that I keep my concentration much better without stopping to head up a new page and start over again. The less 'method' the better if you ask me. I start with a very quick ideogram then describe it. I feel to get a sense of denseness, this usually kicks in my intuition or psi or whatever everyone likes to call psychic abilities,and I 'feel' my way into more information, asking questions of myself as I go. I ask all the normal questions such as, "Is it natural or man made?", Is it indoors or outdoors?", etc. After a while I may get a general overall feel for the target but that rarely happens. I find that I can sense individual aspects but normally bomb out on describing the target. Cheers Liz

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