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From: "Glyn" Date: Sat Aug 17, ?00? 4:33 am Subject: Re: Aspect RV gebega Hi PJ, That was fascinating and new to me. I must have a go at that. This is asking the sub questions about the target much more directly than is usual. Any thoughts on the possible long-term effects of going in this direction; encouraging more 'surface' interaction with the sub? I guess it is very much in the realms of 'suck it and see', but IMO it should only be undertaken by 'stable' people. You obviously are...I think I am.... :-? ). I think I will try it with my voice activated tape recorder; seems made for it :-? ). I think you got some really good 'answers'. Maybe communication would become clearer with practice. Where did you get the idea of doing a session this way PJ? Kind regards, Glyn ------------------- Moderator's note: I see you just hadn't yet read the long boring message that followed, which described where I got the idea. ;-? ) -- PJ


From: SValkyre... Date: Sat Aug 17, ?00? ?:10 am Subject: Re: Aspect RV svalkyre Hi! Wow, maybe I do have something I can add to this group after all! Your post was great, PJ, you touched on so much of what I do. First of all, have any of you heard of the Master Mind concept by Napoleon Hill (author of Think and Grow Rich? ). A lot of people have heard of "Master Mind", a kind of group imaging session to develop skills to shape your reality(i.e. get what you want? ), but I am talking about Mr. Hill's concept that is hinted at in his book. When I ask the different parts of myself about things, I actually personify them. Now that may sound weird at first, but it is my way of organizing info. I ask Jim or Mel or Danesta or whoever to "look" for me, and convey their "take" on it using all my senses and abilities. Mr. Hill called them by the names of real individuals and he really got into it. He had a group of people, one I remember the best is Abraham Lincoln. When he wanted a certain perspective, Lincoln's perspective, he would "interview" him. When he wanted a consensus of great opinions, he had a group which met with him. It's really cool that that sounds like what you are doing and like what I am doing, and unlike them at all. I'm gonna spend some more time thinking on this and letting it simmer in there. What I know is that it works. What I don't know is how to convey the experience to others!!!!!!!!!!!! (o;@ Onward, Life, love, laughter and linguini, Deni Silver Valkyre May we all have light sufficient for our path, and may some light the path for others.

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The RV Oasis / PJRV Discussion List Archives

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