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Date: Tue Jul 16, ?00? ?:?0 pm Subject: Re: Re: Astral Plane Ideograms nitahickok Hi Bill It is more like a address. Just like when you drive a car and want to go to some place you copy down the number and street name. You go to where you are about to access the astral, draw a door, draw the ideogram in the door. I always like pretty colors that stand out. Open the door and it goes to what the ideogram represents. You bilocate to the target and get to see it in all its parts. I have done it a couple of times since then and always with the same results. I guess it would be considered a part of ERV but how I was told to ERV was to create a place and view the results upon a screen so you don't bilocate. Nita Half the spiritual life consists in remembering what we are up against and where we are going. Ayya Khema "When the Iron Eagle Flies."

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