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From: "Lady Myst" Date: Tue May 13, ?003 ?:44 am Subject: Re: Astral sex / ghost sex ravenmoon080? damn, some awful typos... guess I will have to use spell check. Just to correct one blatent error, the Aussie is my RL partner now and has been for 3 yrs. sheesh. Christina Don't click this link unless you wanna get bitten ! Ever notice how many people like you if they think you make them think, but how many people hate you if you actually make them think?


From: "tropicanacabana69" Date: Tue May 13, ?003 10:?6 am Subject: Re: Astral sex / ghost sex tropicanacab... Re intro: Hi! have not been here in a while...but wanted to say I had the Astral touch thing recently. It was interesting but banished it because I did not want to get that involved with the entity. It was a fairly pleasant experience but I did not trust it. Still using Malah's and chant/Mantras and brain entrainment stuff. Still hope to go to Monroe Institute sometime...Got a note saying they were going to be in KC. Went and saw the Tibetian Monks do a Sand Mandala! Second time seeing them. First time was to see the Mystic Arts of Tibet program at a college near hear. Heard the chants and multiphonic singing. The blare of the Tibetian horn and the dance of the Black Hat and the Skeleton Dance of impermanence was wonderful and has stuck in my minds' psyche. Interesting how it motivates me to change and acceptance. Interesting how the media has used subliminals to enhance postions on the Iraq issue and all that led up to the war. The Carl Junction/Pierce City Tornado was close to us and hit all around us ( It looks like somebody dropped a bomb here.? ) but we came out of it ok....More thunderstorms expected today. I wish the scientists would speak up about how cutting down forests and jungles etc effect weather patterns. As the earth heats up the storms will get more dramatic. Please keep us on the list, ok?


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Tue May 13, ?003 1?:11 pm Subject: Re: Astral sex / ghost sex docsavagebill Hello Christina, One gets used to typos in email and in fact it becomes an interesting crossword puzzle to figure them out. The "Green" was clearly meant to be "Greek", but the one about your lady friend was rather confusing and required some thought before deciding where the typo was.. considering it was already a novel relationship how novel was it? I finally got the typo in the correct place .. .G. Bill

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