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From: Timelord?0?9... Date: Sat Jul ?0, ?00? 10:?0 pm Subject: Attitude in RV psitrooper?4 Hi PJ would u believe i was just finishing up my response to this in a long reply and got cut off arrggggrg so now i have to do a quiick response and maybe take it further some other day. Ok i think there are a number of key things to consider when it comes to imporving RV performace overall. 1. Trust - In the system (whatever that maybe you use? ) ?. Practice, Practice Practice 3. Learn from the pluses of your session no matter now small they may be and begin to recognise those key repetitive and sublime signals ..& trust them :? ) 4. Believe you WILL hit the target every single time. how much of intent focused belief is necessary here is upto debate, but if you dont believe TOTALLY that you are capable of doing iam sure ones session will reflect this. 5. Be positive. 6. Be less critical when you are only picking up the proverbial ?0% data...there is alot in there that can be learnt from and recognised in future sessions. 7. Have fun I know this is pretty much general info but i did go into each and every one of these aspects in detail but due to time constraints i'll have to come back to them. Finally, i do Astrology readings many years ago and i just got back into it again. I find iam pretty damm good at it and without realising it, i have found myself following the above steps all the time. (rv is infinitely much harder? ) but i believe a similar approach will work just as well. (at least iam hoping so anyway? ) I look at a chart, trust & know what i see to be accurate and give off my interpretations. I find TRUST and a firm BELIEF in what iam doing makes me get that extra out of a normal typical Natal chart. I often struggled with asking key questions i know to be true but am afraid to ask the client even though i know iam right. Its amazing how it works but ive learnt to never argue with the wheel-of-life just as one should learn never to argue with the subconscious Peace, Tunde


From: "Docrose_??" #3. L
earning from the pulses of your session. I have to admit that

#4 an


#5 ar

e tough. Believing you will hit the target every time and being positive is hard. I believe I can do it and I believe it is possible but ;-? ) sometimes I still doubt I will get, but to my rapidly beating heart I do and that gives me more confidence. # 6 is very important, I think. Because yes I have most definitely learned from doing past target sessions. When you pick up things you think that just can't pertain, you may leave them out and sometimes you pick up something and then just figure well if I have a building I must have a street or cars etc, big mistake ;-? ). Last of all yes, have fun!!!! I've been told that too, many times. He says that's the most important thing. And, Tunde.......... (((Big HUG? )? )? ) you are wonderful. You hit me unbelievably close. You know that though because I confirmed most of it with you already. Yes, he did a great job reading my chart and palms. And, the one you sent me today well, was very good, but still waiting for feedback from the source. I believe, Tunde you should never avoid a direct question when doing the reading. Most likely that's why the person came to you. If they don't want to reply they won't. I'm still looking for that Leo Moon. Can't figure that one out ;-? ). --- In pjrv...elord?0?9...e: > Ok i think there are a number of key > things to consider when it comes to imporving > RV performace overall. pjrv : Messages : 197-?0? of 4038
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From: Timelord?0?9... Date: Mon Jul ??, ?00? 1:54 am Subject: Re: Re: Attitude in RV psitrooper?4 Hi Arlene Thanks for the kind words :? ) Funny enough all those points i mentioned earliear were enforced by the session i did recently on FARVEIW ...Every thing i raised came from that ONE session. There was stuff i picked up straight away that i noted like the colour RED followed by a CIRCLE, ROUND yet i later dropped the circle and round descriptions when i started aol onto structures/step pyramids :? )? ) The RED aspect of the target again featured in my next stage but because i was so convinced my target was a structure i began to doubt what the red aspect was all about "i mean whoever heard of a red step pyramid??" i kept asking myself ..big mistake So i dropped it from my summary and also the 'many' updown movements i drew which i took initially to be people at an event/concert/entertainment/ ..turned into step pyramid The target was a tomoto 'bashing' ceremony with people jumping up and down and the color RED everywhere in the target photo.... ..not a step pyramid in sight Hmm as for the leo connection we discussed I think you need to look no further than the chart i sent you :? )? ) Will talk more about that later...I too am dying to hear about the feedback from this person. Peace, Tunde


From: Date: Sun Jul ?1, ?00? 11:09 pm Subject: Re: Re: Attitude in RV joanie003 Hi Arlene :-? )? ) and all.... Arlene and her daughter and I (and others? ) had the terrific opportunity to work together on JFK's ARV workshop exercise at the P.S.I. conference in Florida and I was quite enthused. In fact just thinking that I might miss an actual chance to do a JFK "Dynamite and Gold Exercise" in this current lifetime is one of the VERY things that got me to Clearwater in the first place....:-? )? ) true about "rv passion" yuup...! It's so true what you say about jumping to conclusions. So often (at least for me? ), the viewer is on AOL drive so much that when we actually SEE the feedback, we immediately think O gawd...completely missed the target...then when you start stepping back and looking at it more objectively, you really DID describe much of the actual target :-? )? ) I find it's best I don't score sessions right away as I'm usually really biased just after seeing the feedback. We got a chance to feel around about all this when given the chance to judge sessions against potential feedback. I believe the session that Arlene is referring to above is one she judged for one of my sessions during this exercise. That's cool, it's a learning experience and that's what it's supposed to be :-? )? ) Paying attention YES, that's a SUPER important awareness...Thank You!...really letting go of everything else and trying to get an objective look at what you are comparing the session data against...and that too takes practice to develop (and I've still got a long way to go for sure? ). Sometimes it's hard because the photos have just enough in common given a broad and swift session that doesn't seem to reveal enough of a distinguishing element. It was a good day anyway: OUR TEAM WON!!!! (i humbly brag!? ) Actually it wasn't even our viewing that scored the best among the teams because I think one other team scored better...(unfortunately things went so fast that JFK didn't keep those stats, but only those about the gold and the mines and the $$$ bottom lines.? ) The "rv" was not entirely what the exercise was was rather about amassing the most money. So the exercise was a combination of using viewing AND strategizing the bets based on the session "win" predictability (judging? ) AND intuiting which targets would bear the biggest wins. There was a lot going on which made it interesting, but how could we lose with such a great team as well as that TRUST factor totally in our grand ARV tasker, JFK. And maybe there's something to that as well. Then again, we were just plain lucky! Lots going on in any case on many many levels it seemed. I don't think rv is "fun" all the time...I think it's dead on serious and the invisible connections you make truly open your heart and expand your awareness in contemplative and thoughtful ways...I'm one of those in the camp that consider it to be "sacred" work. But fun can be sacred too. and this was fun as well, which works for me in learning and playing. In the Spirit, Joanie Arlene writes: << Funny, I just used this very statement in a PEM to a personal friend and experienced remote viewer today. [...]>> #?0? From: "Docrose_??" >>>>>>>>.? ) The "rv" was not entirely what the > exercise was was rather about amassing > the most money. So the > exercise was a combination of using viewing AND > strategizing the bets based > on the session "win" predictability (judging? ) AND > intuiting which targets > would bear the biggest wins. Ok, the session was about a combination of viewing and strategizing and intuiting the Richest mine, but I wouldn't say that RV wasn't what the exercise was about. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I just thought well, that it was all RV related. Especially since RV consists of so many different formats. First we viewed the site, I believed I was viewing the Richest site, anyway that was my goal. So just hitting one of the 90 targets he had wasn't what he was asking us to do. He was asking us to locate the target with the most gold in it. That's what we did Girl, so in my book we had the most and best hits. Just my opinion, everyone has the right to disagree. I'm not even sure who it was that claimed they had more. But, like John told them theirs didn't have the Gold. Also, yes, I was referring to the target of yours that I BLEW. I had never judged before and when I saw your sketches and the data I immediately jumped to conclusions, that was so wrong. But, in hind sight I'm glad it happened it taught me a lot because I hate being wrong ;-? ). John explained to me to look at the target and look deep into it, let it sink in and make sure of what you are seeing. I saw your sketch and looked no further I was 100% sure I was right. Pitiful part was if I had picked the other target it had a lot of Gold in it. Kick myself in the butt, kick kick ;-? ) . That's what these conferences are all about though, aren't they? That's why we go. I also got to meet all you guys that I have seen the names for since PJ's old list back in 97 or 98. That made me very happy. To put all the names with faces is absolutely the most precious gift of all. And, Lyn the courtesy you extended to all of us by inviting us to spend time talking and socializing in your adjacent living room was a time held dear for sure. We really got to know each other on a more personal basis. Thanks to all that were there and helped make my time a grand one. Smiles, Arlene #?01 From: "Docrose_??"

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