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#?973 From: "Eva" Date: Thu Apr 17, ?003 8:41 pm Subject: Attn San Diego Remote Viewers k9caninek9 Some of us local rvers are holding an informal lunch at California Pizza Kitchen this saturday at noon. Everyone is welcome. Please PEM me at k9caninek9... if interested so I know approximately how many to expect. The restaurant address is: San Diego Carmel Mountain Plaza 1160? Carmel Mt. Rd. At Interstate 15 San Diego, CA 9?1?8 United States (858? ) 675-44?4 Directions: Take the 15 freeway to Carmel Mountain Road exit and go east. THe restaurant is at the corner of Carmel Mountain Road and Rancho Carmel Drive. Here's a link to a map from the cpk.com website: http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py? Pyt=Tmap&ed=yaAyWup_0TrFdjyfhoLjxciSJD_M1DQSAUm\ KIZs_i_GuZlv6kbUYDVF_d4Ijkt5j8c0-&csz=9?1?8&country=us -E

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