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#?916 From: "pjgaenir" Date: Tue Apr 1, ?003 7:?1 pm Subject: Book Talk: Apr 7-13 Ch 1-3 MIND TREK pjgaenir Hi viewers, For anybody interested, I'll be opening discussion of Chapters 1-3 of our first book NEXT WEEK, on APRIL 7th (Monday? ). Let's see if some actual 'focus group' type discussion can survive in RV-internet-land. :-? ) Since the sequence/choice of books seemed ok to those folks I heard from, I'll stick with that. Our first book will be: MIND TREK: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing by Joseph McMoneagle ISBN 1-878901-7?-9 Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc. I'm using the revised 1997 (yellow cover? ) edition but the old one (blue eye cover? ) is fine for this. The book is available in many public library systems, for those without funding. It's also for sale at amazon.com for $10.36: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/18789017?9/ There's a 'New and Used' link on that page to ?1 other sales offers ranging from $4.00 to $7.00. I think everyone on the list is an adult, so three chapters a week (esp. as the book is not long? ) is not a big time investment, yet enough to let those interested read more than a few pages at once. After we finish the book, anybody participating who would like to send something to Joe about what they thought of the book, I can put them all in one file for him to read, which I know he'd really like. Here's the info from the back cover of the above book: -------- We all have intuitive flashes or hunches that reveal our untapped psychic potential. Then there are those who have developed this ability to a reliable degree. In 1970, while serving overseas in the Army, Joe McMoneagle had a near-death experience that opened him to spontaneous psychic flashes. Later, when tested at SRI-International, he was confirmed as a world- class remote viewer: able to correctly perceive and describe previously unknown people, places, objects or events. As a result he was recruited for a top-secret military program, code name STAR GATE, to develop and apply remote viewing skills for national security purposes. For twenty years, McMoneagle honed his intuitive psychic abilities and refined the scientific protocols that resulted in the most reliable method of information retrieval. In Mind Trek, the author describes, replete with actual remotely viewed drawings, the development and application of one's natural intuition through the proper use of these protocols. The author, who has been featured on such programs as ABC's Put to the Test and Nightline, and in articles in Newsweek and Time, explains the inherent limitations of remote viewing, and demonstrates how its proper use can unleash great intuitive resources within all of us. -------- More this Monday. PJ #?917 From: Bill Pendragon Date: Tue Apr 1, ?003 7:41 pm Subject: Re: MIND TREK: Apr 7-13 Ch 1-3-- ? docsavagebill Hi Palyne, How about we all head discussions with this heading in the subject...to keep it separate from other posts?We can add a dash..then another comment "MIND TREK: Apr 7-13 Ch 1-3--????" Bill* -------------------- Moderator's note: We're lucky to get people to delete 1?0 lines of quoting after a single line of text. I rather doubt we'll do perfectly with titles. Good idea though. I'll post something like "MIND TREK 1-3" as a title and if people respond to that, great. Many people get digest and so respond to the digest title instead, and some will post on their own. Fortunately it's a small list, soon to get smaller, and I doubt more than a few will participate, so it won't be too hard to track. -- PJ #?918 From: "David" Date: Tue Apr 1, ?003 7:30 pm Subject: Re: Book Talk: Apr 7-13 Ch 1-3 MIND TREK jam1433 I have bought and loaned out two copies of Mind Trek and it will probably be impossible to get them back. After that discussion I would love to see a discussion on the The Ultimate Time Machine (my personal favorite? ). I would really like to see a discussion of Joe's projections of the future. David Houston pjrv : Messages : ?9?0-?9?? of 4038
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#?9?0 Date: Wed Apr ?, ?003 1:34 am Subject: Re: Book Talk: Apr 7-13 Ch 1-3 MIND TREK rfjuice?000 Hi PJ, Turns out my library system doesn't have it, thanks for the ISBN and the link, I'll probably have to order it. Book Talk is a good idea, Linda #?9?? From: Bill Pendragon Date: Thu Apr 3, ?003 3:54 pm Subject: Re: Interview with Lyn B on "RETASKING" ..It's REAL! docsavagebill BILL ASKS: Lyn I hope I did not misquote you..about retasking LYNS REPONSE ON RETASKING Nope, remaining totally calm. Actually, the knowledge of this type of tasking activity has been around since Russell Targ (not Stephen Schwartz? ) formulated ARV. There was at least one instance of "retasking" or "double tasking" done to us in the unit&&&.. &&&&We were tasked with "practice targets", with the hidden agenda [highjack -retasking] of using the results in a sort of Associated RV method, to give other information. I am totally against this type of tasking, because like Ralph said, it can reflect back and mess up a viewer's session as far as the proper target is concerned. The excuse of it being OK because you use practice targets, which don't matter as much is a cop-out, and as far as I'm concerned, is just as bad on the viewer as doing it with real-world operational targets. Anyway, I don't cover this in my teaching because I have never wanted to put the idea of it out into people's minds. For some, the temptation to do it would be too much, so I just conveniently don't bring the subject up. Besides, there are a lot more important things to cover and not enough time, anyway. When you get to thinking about it, ARV is nothing more than "retasking" or "double tasking", and suffers the same pollution problems because of it (something I haven't seen any ARVer ever take into consideration, so far.? ). But, at least ARV is done with the understanding and permission of the viewer. Doing it TO the viewer without the viewer's knowledge and/or consent is what I am totally against. Bill Asks>BTW.. is it true that writing END SESSION really would >block "Jack-Tasking" Not at all. The "Jack-Tasking" is the improper use of a person's session content by someone else, and is not a function of the viewer's work at all. There is absolutely nothing a viewer can do to prevent someone else from coming along later, even years later, and applying the information to a different target. It won't even prevent someone from doing it at the time of tasking (intentionally tasking one target with the intent of using the results for another.? ) > it seems that would depend on how >strong the intent was and maybe other factors? I'm >interested in blocking accidental retasking during ARV >that seems to occur during analysis and judging of >sessions. I like that...... British understatement. >And also if I post my sessions to a web >site..I don't want them Jacked. . The only way you can prevent that is to not post them.

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