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From: Penny Zingery Date: Wed Feb 18, ?004 8:17 pm Subject: Re: Cancer - off topic again pzingery Hi, Barb and PJ, Thank you for the information. My sister currently has a very rare form of pancreatic cancer. Luckily, it's very slow growing, (she's apparently had it for years? ), and she's able to live a somewhat normal life, with no pain at present. I've talked to her a little bit about alternate forms of medicine, how faith is known to affect the disease process and other things of that nature, including psychic and distant healing. She hasn't been interested in those kinds of ideas, though, as she's a born-again Christian, and looks to God as the ultimate "distant healer." (Even though members of her church, and only church members, are allowed to do what I'd view as psychic healing. Go figure.? ) But I can say one thing. Her faith is keeping her calm and grounded, much more so than I'd probably be at this point. Her attitude is amazing, and for now, she's relatively "healthy." At first she wanted to trust only in God, and not explore surgical options, chemotherapy, other drugs or forms of therapy. She did finally agree, though, to undergo a radical form of surgery that removed a part of her pancreas. She's rejected the idea of chemo for now. Which troubled me a great deal, initially, as pancreatic cancer requires an aggressive approach, according to what I understand. After agonizing and being angry about her unwillingness to be a little more pro-active in fighting the disease, (at least, according to how I was seeing it? ), I finally realized that she must know that the odds that she's facing are against her long-term survival. And that what she might be doing, was trying to make a decision about the quality of life that she wanted to live, if, in fact, the disease would ultimately kill her anyway. I don't give up hoping, though, that she might decide to try some other forms of dealing with the disease. (That's my faith, I suppose.? ) But by then, of course, her survival might have become much more "immediate." One of the biggest lessons (actually a reminder? ) that I've received from all this, is that each person not only has the right to decide how they want to live, but also, how they might wish to die. And that's a tough one. Actually, my sister is basically following the same course of action that my friend from work chose (except for the surgery? ), due to some of the same motivations. Penny


From: Barbara Date: Thu Feb 19, ?004 6:33 am Subject: Re: Cancer - off topic again threebears4u Hi Penny and PJ, Penny, my advise to you to help your sister would be for you to buy the book and look at it for your own refreance. Then, you could 'tell your sister about it, and all the testimonies from the people who it helped ( just 4 common herbs ? ). She may be interested after that and when she finds out that Ted Kennedy's son ( the one who had bone cancer and lived when everyone else died from it ? ) took Essiac and was cured and is still living. I do however understand what your sister is saying, and I have to agree with her about the chemo. It can kill one faster than the cancer. It attacks all the major body organs and kills cells, the good with the bad. Especially dangerous is an aggressive campaign. But, on the other hand, it has helped prolong life by killing cancer, so it is a toss up. My former father in law had cancer and opted for no treatment. The docs said he would die in 6 months. He lived for about 3 years, most of it active, doing what he wanted to do, and very happy. About the last 6 mo he was in a nursing home, but he was happy. No one really undrestands death and exactly 'when' one will die. At best, it is just an educated guess, but after ? NDE's myself, I know that we, as individuals, do have a choice here too. I had a choice both times. If you would purchase the book and leave it laying around someplace where she can see it, she will pick it up and look at it, probably when you are not around. That is what I would do. There is no pressure that way, and the choice is hers, either way. Barb


From: Penny Zingery Date: Thu Feb 19, ?004 10:54 pm Subject: Re: Cancer - off topic again pzingery Hi, Barb, My sister is very head strong, and heavily invested in her faith and beliefs. She's also deeply involved with her (fundamentalist? ) church. (I guess you could say she's a fundamentalist's fundamentalist, haha.? ) Agreeing to the surgery was a big deal for her, and I know it challenged her beliefs to their very core. She lives in another State, too, so having the book lying around wouldn't work. I don't want to add to the stress she's already dealing with, either, by challenging what she believes. That wouldn't do either of us any good. And, if I try to influence her decisions in any way, that might push her away. She's already said so in so many words. She's already told me that she didn't want to insult me, but that she was doing things the way she wants to do them. So, in order to respect her, and her decisions and wishes, I had to set aside what I want, which is that she do things differently. As that would only make me feel better for time, you see. She does think that she's made the right choice, and I'm sure she feels that she's being pro-active. And according to what we know about the power of prayer and faith (and I'd imagine, placebos? ), I suppose that could very well be true. The bottom line is, it's not my life. Though being her oldest sister, sometimes that issue gets a little cloudy for me. We all want to protect those we love, but... sometimes we just can't. Anyway, if I'm ever diagnosed with cancer (again? ), I'll be sure to check out the book. Thanks. Penny

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