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From: Weatherly-Hawaii...m Date: Tue Dec ?3, ?003 ?:41 am Subject: Re: Caves (PJ's weird stories, reprise? ) maliolana aloha PJ, I have a similar experience...every time i view...Psrt of my process is saying Aloha to my many selves...recognizing they are there...sending self a l;ittle love...getting their allowing only the most appropriate one... to feed me info...and I do have to be appreciative ...with intent... I don't always do that much better...but I feel better after session... Somehow let go... I remember that thought of yours about info wanting to be known...recognized...I like that a lot...I sure have an affinity with info...hahah Love & Light & Laughter Mali'o...aka...Dawna


From: "Linda & John Garvey" Date: Wed Dec ?4, ?003 1?:39 pm Subject: RE: Caves (PJ's weird stories, reprise? ) linda_g7us LOLOL, that's what I've heard, too! ;? )? )? ) >Bill, Freud was a dirty old man ;-? )? ). Merry Christmas, everyone -- :? ) Linda G "The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one." -- Albert Einstein -- pjrv : Messages : 3604-3617 of 4038
( ) ?006/07/01 15:54:15


From: "pjgaenir" Date: Tue Dec ?3, ?003 1?:1? am Subject: Caves (PJ's weird stories, reprise? ) pjgaenir Several days ago my practice target was Green Lake in the Carlsbad Caverns. I was happy with the (brief? ) session. But during it I had this subtle sense of being... vast. As an Aspect recently suggested I try and get in contact with targets AFTER feedback--consciously--I decided to try this, to see if I could figure out what in this target caused the 'vast' feeling. So I looked at the pic and tried to tune into the cave in general. It was a nice meditation but I didn't find anything. I went to sleep about an hour later, and had the most amazing dream. Like many of my so-called 'spiritual' dreams, it had what I call my 'elementals of soul'--another female and ? males, but we are also all one. In the dream, we were looking for a cave. In the cave, was a secret; it included gold. Somehow the concept of gold was bigger than a pretty mineral though. We had to find the cave, first. There was a bad guy and his minions, also looking, racing us. The bad guy was not evil actually, more like an adversary than enemy, he was just very aggressive. We went to where two caves, next to each other, had all his guys in there with big lights and machinery, looking for the treasure. But if we looked 'between' the caves, and then didn't really look, only sort of peripherally, and then 'allowed' our vision to work itself out like with those 3D pictures, we could see the tiniest glimmer of something, 'between' the caves. We followed it, and we found ourself in another, hidden cave between those. I understood that we were able to see it because we were not just looking for what was 'physical' but for a greater 'understanding'. Inside the cave we'd found, was an amazing amount of precious stuff. But it was weirdly entwined with the cave. For example, stuff sort of like furniture, much made completely out of gold, was actually part rock, as if somehow, all this stuff had *grown out of* the cave's rock itself, not been created by man or placed there. Then I felt The Cave. Not self-aware, but aware. Not an identity, but a consciousness. I felt vast. And I suddenly understood what I'd been looking for before I went to sleep: the sense was the cave. Maybe it was my lifelong fascination with caves, or my incredible appreciation upon feedback, who knows. But in the dream, I had that sense to the Nth degree: I was basically 'in rapport with' the consciousness of a cave. (That particular cave? Who knows? A cave, is all I know.? ) It wasn't a verbal/word communication. But I understood that we could not get the gold from the cave. I had a thought, in response to this, about how the bad guys would come in and just blast it loose from the rock. The cave showed me an image of some people trying to steal the gold, and it suddenly liquifying and melting them (there were huge amounts of gold there? ). (I know. My dreams are like the psychic Indiana Jones, lol!? ) And then finally, what the cave was trying to get across to me hit me: we had to GET the cave to GIVE us the treasure. We had to have a sense of love and appreciation and acceptance--all combined, which equalled a feeling somewhat like 'gratitude' but more- -and the cave, if we had this proper state of mind, would show itself to us, would "give itself to us" voluntarily. My memory of the rest of the dream is in pieces. We had acquired ourselves a shaman to 'guide' us through the caves, for when we would find it. He was small and had really long black hair, dark skin like a native or south american. He was able to 'morph'. The other female-Aspect was ready to kiss him in thanks for his help, when he morphed into a young, beautiful woman. She refused to be taken aback, and kissed him anyway, and he (she? ) grinned; I understood that she had scored a point in his eyes for recognizing him as him and not caring about his appearance. The only other thing I remember is a bit black, lol. A little kundalini going on I would guess. ;-? ) The 'bad guy', a very large brawny bully sort, we had caught him. We had no desire to harm him, but after keeping him to talk to, we were simply going to let him go-- abandon him. He had no shirt on, and it was late night and really cold outside in what seemed like a desert. I kept morphing our vehicle as an old-west wagon or a station wagon. He was standing in the back of the wagon--cold--and we were ready to leave. The shaman, who had a rather twisted sense of humor I might add, went in young beautiful female form to the wagon, put a really big red sleeping bag in it, and crawled inside it. We knew that between his cold and his approach to women, he would crawl inside with her before long, no matter what she said. Alas for him, one of the other forms the shaman could take was a large math of writhing snakes. LOL. Like I said, Indiana Jones dreams. ;-? ) But having thought about this for a few days, something comes to mind for me. One time in... years ago, anyway, when I was thinking about RV all the time and having the most incredible dreams (like 'the frequencies of telepathy' and seeing chakras, like one that looked like a million-colors-of-gold feather fan across a woman's forehead, or things like that? ), I woke up one morning and was able to 'grok' something of my dream before it faded away, while it was still interactive with me. It was, " images itself for you." And I understood at the time what it meant: that it was not me looking at a separate, unaware thing... the target, the information, WANTED to be known, wanted to show itself off in its own way. Somehow, this reminds me of that dream, that insight. How the cave had to 'give us' the gold. It made me think that perhaps it was a nice allegory to 'intent' in remote viewing. PJ


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Tue Dec ?3, ?003 11:33 am Subject: Re: Caves (PJ's weird stories, reprise? ) docsavagebill Sometimes a cave is just a cave (not? )..Have you considered the freudian aspects to the dream..LOL! Great dream. bill
~~--------ArchivedPostFollows_Yahoo-PJRV_group----------- OK, now I'm embarrassed! PJ


From: "Glyn" Date: Wed Dec ?4, ?003 8:?6 am Subject: RE: Caves (PJ's weird stories, reprise? ) glynis5799 Bill, Freud was a dirty old man ;-? )? ). Glyn > Sometimes a cave is just a cave (not? )..Have you > considered the freudian aspects to the dream..LOL!


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Wed Dec ?4, ?003 8:11 pm Subject: RE: Caves (PJ's weird stories, reprise? ) docsavagebill Hi Glyn, I'm joking.It was a very interesting dream, which I suspect was about the energy of the"void"..but Freud would have had great fun with the dream..G Bill

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