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#?3? Date: Fri Jul ?6, ?00? 10:51 pm Subject: Changes in List dennanm My private intent for this list was for experiential discussion -- sharing sessions, complaints, wishes, wonders, as well as non-session but personal experiences that might relate to personal development. Technically, approving only what meets that criteria, we have had a decent turnout in the first three weeks of this list's life. However, we have had an extremely low turnout -- namely a small hand of people -- of persons willing to share (anything, let alone personal growth and session material? ). Somewhat sadly, not many of the people I already knew and hoped would... This tells me that (a? ) About 5/6 of the list is either not comfortable sharing publicly (if at all? ), and/or are simply voyeurs not viewers, and (b? ) that the list is clearly not promoting the desired intent for the majority of its members and/or its owner. I gave the list one month -- until around August 4 or so -- to see what would turn out, and what I would do, would depend on that. As of that date, I intend to make this list private by invitation or special request only, not public (approving anybody joining? ). I will remove it from Yahoo's RV directory. And, I will unsubscribe anybody who hasn't posted since they joined, and in the future who hasn't posted in around 60 days, unless people PEM me directly about it. This is not meant to be any negative thing, and it concerns me that half the people I know fairly well, and like and respect and would like to have on my lists, will vanish by this criteria! Well geez, that really sucks. But I want a list where real viewers participate concerning real development, personal or RV -- not just another 'watch it go by' parade of which there are already plenty. So if you want to be on this list a couple weeks from now, please find something to talk about in the meantime, so that your name will come up on my list of posters vs. list of members. Thanks. Gary Kilpatrick, you get in here! :-? ) PJ #?33 From: "largeruniverse" Date: Sat Jul ?7, ?00? 1?:?7 am Subject: Re: Changes in List largeruniverse --- In pjrv...nnanm" My private intent for this list was for experiential discussion -- I am completely guilty as charged. I've been lurking and haven't posted. I've had a lot of weird and wild and odd experiences as a viewer, so there is no excuse for silence. So I'll start off with something a little unusual. I once viewed something that melted my mind. It was something on Mars. The objective was a section of Mars, and this wasn't part of some preconceived idea of what should be on Mars, the tasker was just doing a survey of areas, collecting data. So I found myself on a place that was dry and cold and it hurt for me to breathe. I had a hard time connecting with the written data, I was feeling things more than seeing or knowing things. I could smell, I could touch, it was an extremely tactile session. I am usually an extremely fast writer, someone whose pen skips across the page and the ink flows like a river, leaving words and phrases, whole scenes behind. But not this session, it was too tactile for that. I didn't know what to do. The session wanted to be big, to be huge. This was something huge I was looking at, something bigger than me, something that needed to be expressed in a large way. I didn't want to do a model or mold, that wasn't right. So I took paper and started taping it to the wall, taping sheet after sheet to the wall until nearly the entire wall of a large room was covered. And then I got out my paints (I use tempera? ) and painted in huge sweeps, my hand and arm had a mind of their own, and out of the room came the Martian landscape. I'll never forget that session. There were no aliens, no strange manmade places, just a cold and forbidden zone, with angles and a cliff and rivers of dust. And for a couple of weeks my wall held that session like bad art. Pru Calabrese #?7? From: Bill Pendragon Date: Mon Jul ?9, ?00? 6:05 pm Subject: Re: Mars Session docsavagebill Hi Pru, This reminds me a lot of the movie Close Encounters. Obviously WHATEVER was controlling the flow of information ..wanted to make A BIG impression on you. And what possible better way than to build that wall and all of the sudden See the picture so huge and large. Wow! We tend to call the information source "the subconcious" but it's obviously something much more complex and polydiverse than a single gateway. And what a way to increase your faith in what you were doing! Best Wishes, Bill

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