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#?540 From: David Date: Sun Mar 9, ?003 11:?5 am Subject: Re: Chicken Road a_healey56 Fortune, I was considering suggesting something about an orgasm for TDS's "Chicken" entry, and suggesting that you yourself could endorse it. Is this due to group dynamics, good 'ol intuition, or just paying attention to what people post themselves? :-? ) How about this one instead: all remote viewing-derived data about any chicken crossing any road is absolutely correct. Ceasing to be a chicken-eating cretin might help a person begin to understand why this is so. Dave -------------------- ROFL! Chicken-eating cretin! That's wonderful. :-? ) PJ pjrv : Messages : ?553-?553 of 4038
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#?553 From: "Eva" Date: Sun Mar 9, ?003 1:58 pm Subject: Re: Chicken Road k9caninek9 TDS: The chicken is a metaphor for life so it's not really wrong. You have to analyze this session with the knowledge that this viewer is a symbolic viewer and the road represents the transitions we all must deal with in your journies through the universe. -E

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