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From: "ozblueriver" Date: Mon Aug 19, ?00? 8:49 pm Subject: Children and RVing ozblueriver I think all of us parents would have enough stories about our childrens natural Rving/psychic abilities to fill many books. Here's one little story: When my daughter was about 3 yrs old she said, "Mummy when you went to hospital Daddy cried and cried". (I had been so ill the doctor didn't know if I would live? ) I had to go and ask Glenn if it was true, which it was, but he told me no one knew except him so no one could have told her that he had cried. The astounding thing is that when I was in hospital Erin was only a few weeks old! Either she remembered or she did some RVing of her own! She is now 4 years old and this type of behaviour is a daily occurance. I would like to encourage her to never loose that ability and am wondering if anyone has got any good ideas? Any tried methods or books? Cheers Liz


From: "Viv*" Date: Tue Aug ?0, ?00? 1:?9 am Subject: Re: Children and RVing eclecticviv Hi PJ: You can make up games for your daughter to play. Things like hide the doll, and she figures out where the doll is. Or hide anything, and she figures out what you hid. Or have her practice predicting what your going to fix for dinner, stuff like that. Ask her what she would like to do if she was a magic person. You can ask her to tell you about what she thought about or felt when she was a tiny baby, or ask her if she has any memories of another time or place. The memory thing isn't all that far out. I came into this life with a lot of memories from former lives. I remember when my brand new baby sister was brought home, and I was well aware of the concept of her being my baby sister, because that is what she was in the life prior to this one. I was aware of this at a time when I could barely understand what my parents were talking about, when they talked to me, because I was still to little to understand most words. My younger sister and I are barely 11 months apart. When I was younger, ( I was about 6 and my sister 5? ) we wanted to be magic people. So we would play a game of tell the future, or make an adult do what you wanted them to do, and see if it came true. Our grandma was usually the object of our game. I would tell my sister something like, grandma was going to come out of the house, go over to the apple tree and see if the apples were ripe for baking. Then we would wait. Meanwhile I would picture mentally exactly the sceanario I described. And viola, within a short time, grandma would come outside and check out the apple tree. We got bored with it though after a while, and looked for other things to do. Viv* pjrv : Messages : 516-531 of 4038
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From: "Jerry Pople" Date: Mon Aug 19, ?00? 11:?8 pm Subject: Re: Children and RVing popes53 > She is now 4 years old and this type of behaviour is a daily > occurance. I would like to encourage her to never loose that ability > and am wondering if anyone has got any good ideas? Any tried methods > or books? I think the best thing to do is to encourage it. So many of us have been laughed at or otherwise put down. Many parents minimize their child's experience and they grow less and less likely to accept their experiences. Just let her know it's normal and she can share those experiences whenever she likes. Then she will be more likely to explain what's going on in her little head. Jerry --------------------- Moderator's note: I make my kid, who just turned 6, consider the sentience of everything. I tell her most things can talk to you 'inside you' in an odd way but most adults are too dense to understand it. That you have to take caring for plants and animals as seriously as humans. We delight over the beauty of vegetables and flowers, new leaves on the palm plant, how adorable toads are, and of course, her favorite, "roly-poly-oly" bugs. ;-? ) My favorite was the time we were watching a bugs bunny cartoon, and porky has an out of body experience, and at the end of a very weird show he is falling through the sky and then slams back into his body sleeping under a tree. Delighted for such a great opportunity to explain how we leave our body when we sleep and sometimes when we're just relaxed, I began to explain only to have Ry -- then 4 -- turn to me and interrupt by saying, "Oh Mom, DUH!" Musta been too obvious. :-? ) -- PJ


From: Timelord?0?9... Date: Mon Aug 19, ?00? 11:07 pm Subject: Re: Children and RVing psitrooper?4 Interesting thread. I intend to get my kids at least partially aware of their psi abilities before they hit their teens.There both Pisceans as well. I also encourage them like pj to express everything they see or hear and never try and ridicule them..ever One incident still stands out in my mind that happened with isabelle when she was only 18 months old. It was late at night around ?.00am everyone was asleep and then my wife and i heard it.... .a small rudolf the red noise reindeer cuddly toy had gone off and we could hear the melody it makes when one has pressed a button on its belly. we looked at each other and thought what the ....? ran out the bedroom straight for isabelles room and there she was standing in front of the door with rudolfs noise flashing and still playing its tune on the floor beside her. The scary part is that there was NO WAY she could have got out of her cot by herself but even more scarier was how she managed to land on the floor without hurting herself. To this day it still spooks me as what really happened that night. Did someone carry her out break her fall? wake us up with the rudlolf toy? God only knows. Another day when she was abit older she woke saying there was a giant in the room but she wasnt afraid or anything she justsaid it as a matter of fact and pointed to where the giant stood. Peace, Tunde


Date: Tue Aug ?0, ?00? 1:0? pm Subject: Re: Children and RVing rfjuice?000 Hi all, About 6 months ago, my daughter asked me to sign her online. (We don't give the kids the passwords? ). As I approached her, she was singing to herself. She was repeating over and over "safari, safari" to a nice little melody. I was a little shocked because that was the password, I asked her why she was singing that word and she didn't know why. So from that day on, I miss-spelled the password as well. :? )? ) Linda

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