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#?076 From: Bill Pendragon Date: Fri Jan ?4, ?003 1:50 am Subject: Coast to coast mass conciousness peace meditation...for ?4 hours docsavagebill Hello All, George Noore ( the new hoast of the old Art Bell show? ) is attempting a mass conciousness experiment (led by Dr Fred Alan Wolf? ) tonight on his show on Coast to Coast to secure a peaceful solution in Iraq. I think it's worth a shot. Dr. Wolf proposes this contemplation: Even if you think war is inevitable or justified.. Think instead for the next day.. " The Iraquis are people who feel pain and loss and love just like we do, they want peace also, WE ARE ALL ONE at some level... Lets give a PEACEFUL solution a chance to manifest. " And further.... "everytime a thought of the inevitablility of war occurrs in our minds or is spoken on the media.. "imagine it growing into a huge thought balloon which you then POP with a needle". Peace, Bill