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From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Sat Dec ?0, ?003 8:11 am Subject: Coincidence ozblueriver Hi I just went back to to read the other two articles I mentioned in my last post and this is what I came across. LOL What a coincidence considering I had been thinking along those lines in that post yet hadn't read this particular article yet. LOL Liz "... it is our view that what is going on in all Remote Viewing is a transaction involving everyone defined by intention and agreement as being part of the experiment. We are in essence faced with an engineering problem in which a bio-circuit made up of all participants is created by intention. ... Practically, this means what everyone feels, thinks, and intents is a factor in the protocol." Stephan Schwartz and Randall J. De Mattei--The Mobius Society ------------------ Most of the 'masters and entities' in the metaphysical world have been saying that sort of thing for a couple centuries now as well. That every person involved in a given topic or event or thing is a part of a sort of conglomerate energy, like a group thoughtform. PJ


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Sat Dec ?0, ?003 8:0? pm Subject: Re: Coincidence docsavagebill Hi Liz and all, Interesting articles you posted. Apparently Pat Price was able to view two targets for which he NEVER had any feedback quite successfully. I think that is pretty clear evidence that feedback is not necessary. Best Regards, Bill ----------------------- Proves it isn't always necessary, yes. Maybe much can depend on viewer skill. And that doesn't mean it never is necessary, or is not needed and/or useful in general. It just means that a kickass viewer who died without feedback has proven (by doing so? ) that he could hit the target anyway. 'Course there's no way to know, he might have gotten different, or more, info if he'd gotten feedback. :-? ) And then there is the issue of time--if shortly after death we 'know all', is our foray into the future for feedback limited to our body's life span? :-? ) PJ