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From: "Glyn" Date: Sun Jun ??, ?003 ?:54 pm Subject: Communication? gebega Hi all, I had an interesting small experience today. Now this was probably not a 'psi' experience, but probably my sub telling me something that I just couldn't recall from my memory. I lost my favourite garden trowel a couple of days ago (Don't know if you use that word in the States, but it is a small hand held spade that is used for planting and weeding? ). I couldn't find it anywhere, and although both my husband and I looked all over the obvious places in the house and the garden, we just couldn't locate it anywhere. I was using it in the front garden two days ago, and it even occurred to me that I could have left it there and someone may have even made off with it. As we all know, some folk will make off with almost anything of someone else's that isn't tied down. :-? ) It was hardly a major disaster, because I have another, but the lost one had a long and narrow blade, and it is great for planting, so this morning as a last resort I lay down on the couch and relaxed and went through the cool-down that I use for ERV, and when I was ready I asked mentally...."Where the hell is my trowel?"....or words to that affect. LOL! Well I didn't think it was going to work, because apart from anything I wasn't 'blind', so I was probably going to get a load of garden related AOL. Well gradually I started to receive impressions, and the clearest one looked like a shrub, which was the sort of AOL I expected, and was not a lot of good anyway because my garden has quite a lot of those :-? ), I asked again..."Be more specific". I then 'saw' two shapes that looked very like flower-pots standing close together...and then it was almost as if a light bulb flashed in my mind... I still didn't remember where I'd left it, but I definitely got the message. I haven't got any empty pots like that standing close together, but a few days ago I did....I had two small sunflower plants growing in pots like that, standing together at the end of the garden...but now I'd given one away, and I planted the other out....behind one of my shrubs. I leapt up, almost ran into the garden and looked behind that shrub, and almost hidden beneath it was.....guess what!? :-? ) Now, as I said at the beginning, that was probably *not* psi, let alone RV, but I really think that my sub was bringing to my consciousness the fact I'd left the trowel there ..and because I didn't get its message the first time, it reminded me of something that had led to my leaving it there. Communication. RV training can indeed be useful, if only for helping those with bad memories :-? ). Kind regards, Glyn

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The RV Oasis / PJRV Discussion List Archives

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