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From: Edwin Kuprienko Date: Sat Jul 1?, ?003 7:?8 pm Subject: Communication with subconciousness and RV edwink911 Dear Benton, When we worked on RV we noticed problem created by displacement. We would have a perfect hit on target, except that it was wrong target. For example we had 4 pictures defined in target pool, that we did not see before RV session. Random generator would select one picture after we finished RV. Most of viewers would hit wrong picture, but would describe it in great detail. In this case the picture was the first one, top, on the left, so somehow it had most of appeal, even as it was not selected as target by random generator. The displacement would be called by bigger appeal of this picture versus the intended target. I was thinking about validation of RV, even as Skip mentioned that there is no easy resolution to this problem. I worked for years with pendulum and switched to mental images that I would receive from sub consciousness in place of pendulum movement. I decided to use the same protocol to validate target. It worked for me perfectly for one day with 100% accuracy. So for example I would start RV, would check if I am connected to target (confirmation form SC? ), if not try again. Collect RV data, check again how accurate it is (I would get sort of rating  what percent is correct  few times I thought that I was a way off but I had rating that was OK, even if it was not perfect, so I went to Skip to review it  there would be a number of lakes of different size, I would have a number of circles, but not in exact location and size as lakes and some circles overlapping, he said it is not bad, even as I thought it was terrible? ). Working with this process I would promise specific reward to SC, if I get correct answers. However then the reward could not be delivered immediately and the process started coughing. It still worked but with lower accuracy. At this point I realized that part of problem is to treat SC as separate entity. It has to be treated as integrated part of our personality and rewards have to be at a very simple level. Joe M in his book recommended eating sweets only if RV session was on target. This is really the same idea, just without defining SC role. I have had quite busy time in last few days so I am going back to work on this process. I would described it shortly as: See your consiousness, subcounciousness and superconciousness as aligned. working together and integrated with your mental processes to deliver the best results. Define reward (and again it is extremely important  simple reward like sweets? ) if you get good hit. Deliver reward after getting results. You need to define your own messages  I have open eye for start of RV, black glasses for off target and my top-secret message  for confirmation and rating. On top of that it seems that right brain has better connection to subconsiousness and right brain to analysis of RV data. So aligning this communication also helps (TMI hemi synch technology? ). As I will keep working with this approach I will gladly post updates. Edwin

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The RV Oasis / PJRV Discussion List Archives

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