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From: "Kyriakos" Date: Tue Aug 6, ?00? 1:15 pm Subject: cool down and warm up technique n0mind Hi PJ I had never done ARV before until a few months ago, I did ?0 sessions. I used a verbal cool down and a verbal warm up ( I hope I used these terms correctly - they always confuse me, being in reverse? ) I used P1-P? of the CRV protocols. Going through the Ideogram and then the sensories. I don't push it. I may do ? -3 pages max. my success rate was 90%. Mind you I only did ?0 targets so that is not enough to give an accurate long term success rate. So I see that 90% coming down in the long run. That's how it goes. I tried to write my warm up and cool down in such a way where I could activate my subconscious mind and deactivate my conscious analytical mind. ( but I don't want to deactivate it too much, as I still need to be a monitor? ) After I wrote my texts. I used a sound editor (Cool Edit ?000? ) to record what I had written. Before the ARV session starts, I listen to my recorded cool down. At the end of the session I listen to my recorded warm-up. This is just an idea. I still need to do more sessions to see if my success rate stays in the above average range. In the long term, if I keep this up I hope that my cool down and warm up become second nature. And I won't need to rely on this technique. Kyriakos

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