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From: "Glyn" Date: Sun Dec ?1, ?003 11:1? am Subject: Correction to my last mail glynis5799 Heck I am cracking up. I messed up the wording which altered the meaning slightly. Here it is again, slightly clearer. Yes I did thanks Liz. That is very interesting, and in that scenario their thinking about future memory seems to differ from what Dunne thought mainly in saying that we would be accessing someone elses memory rather than our own. Here is a shorter version of something I sent in a mail to you a while ago. Dunne proposed that time was serial rather than linear, and thereby explained why he thought it may be possible for us to obtain information which would only be available after our physical death..but still from our own memories/minds. I was just following my own thoughts really (especially at the end? ).  Glyn pjrv : Messages : 3606-3615 of 4038
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From: "P. R." Date: Tue Dec ?3, ?003 ?:47 am Subject: RE: Correction to my last mail elittlestar Hi G i am not fully understanding your quote /statememt. 1. could you explain ( that time was serial rather than linear? ) how this is so? or how this could be so? ?. What leads this thought , and how so? > ( it may be possible for us to > obtain information which would only > be available after our physical death.. > but still from our own > memories/minds. ? ) is it the one death or both memories/ minds? Why? 3. Where do you / would you place memories/ minds , in live person or the after the physical death? 4. How does this apply to retrieval of RV data.. is it easier from a dead person or a live person... If this is implied? Thanks, ............@ ..........v,^,v ........v,^^^,v ......v,^^^^^,v ....v,^^^^^^^,v ...v,^^^^^^^^^,v ..........\||||||/ ~*Pame*~ @~~@ ~ ~' Holiday Cheers- spread the Jam '~ ~


From: "Glyn" Date: Wed Dec ?4, ?003 6:?1 am Subject: RE: Dunne and Time (was Correction to my last mail? ) glynis5799 Oh blimey Pame, please forgive me if I don't before Christmas :? ). Besides I don't want to bore everyone else here to death with it....again :? ). There is a book called 'An Experiment With Time' written by a gentleman called J W Dunne. Unfortunately Dunne died years ago. He first published his theory in 19?7 but the book has been re-published in Russell Targ's 'Classics in Consciousness' series (He must think it worth reading eh? :? )? ). You will see it mentioned if you scroll down the right-hand column of the front page of the 'Ten Thousand Roads' website. Also I started a thread about it on the board on the same website, and there are lots of thoughts by me and others, there, and there will probably be more ;-? ). They are not my ideas, they are Dunne's. He experienced precognitive dreams way back in the early ?0th century and wanted to try and explain how this could be. He ended up thinking that perhaps we somehow access our minds (our memories? ) in the future to get this information and it was because how time 'worked'. He also came up against the problem of perhaps being able to precog things that only come to pass after our own death and therefore cannot ever exist in our own memory, and his theory that time is serial rather than linear and that there are a series of 'us' perhaps overlapping in time got round that. Sorry, I can't explain it properly, but modern thinking by quantum physicists regarding possible parallel universes seem to be echoing some of his thoughts. Well, I am just trying to apply Dunne's ideas to RV.....and not having a lot of success I think, but that is the joy of free discussion; we can at least try :? ). I am not subscribing to the theory automatically, just exploring it in my own mind and with my own experiences before I decide either way. I wanted to see for myself if retro-tasking worked, as others have said it does, and with Liz's help I was able to do some informal experiments here, (too few to come to any firm conclusions, but there are some pointers for further exploration? ), and I was also trying to apply future memory theory at the same time; to try to see how RT may work (if it does work? ) within that context. Dunne's words can explain his theory far better than I ever could. The book is definitely worth a read, although it can be hard going in parts because of the somewhat old-fashioned (for us? ) phraseology. There is also a much more modern book called 'Future Memory' by Sean O'Donnell which is most definitely worth reading too, but for the Serial Time thinking then you must read Dunne. Kind regards, Glyn Ps...I love your Christmas tree :? )


From: "P. R." Date: Wed Dec ?4, ?003 5:13 pm Subject: RE: Dunne and Time (was Correction to my last mail? ) elittlestar Hi Glyn Thanks for the explanation of your source... i was wondering why this was striking me as a bit far-out, and seamed to be an obsessive point of view to try and explain something in such a fashion, so as not to look like it was coming from a weird source, that in the past was considered physic or crazy... I can understand now why it looks like a scientific stab at making it look like a simple reality, to explain the source of RV information also... to research a plausible explanation for psi.= in other words! pleased you liked my tree; Merry Christmas To everyone ............@ ..........v,^,v ........v,^^^,v ......v,^^^^^,v ....v,^^^^^^^,v ...v,^^^^^^^^^,v ..........\||||||/ ~*Pame*~

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