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From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Fri Jun 6, ?003 7:?3 am Subject: Crop Circles RV'd ozblueriver Hi Ron, you were saying: If you look at crop circles for example it does appear they are a collective consciousness signature or imprint created by our thoughts and the thoughts of other species as well. Elizabeth was saying it would be great to move objects while RV'ing and after thinking about that statement we just have to look at crop circles as proof to know that we can and are moving matter with our thoughts through space and time. But we do love that FEEDBACK!! DON'T WE!! >>>>>>>>>>>> I haven't heard your theory above before. Could you elaborate on it a bit more for me. I have only RV'd a crop circle once. It was one of Pru's targets. I remember it well because I described the pattern and stunned myself. LOL But during the session I also saw bodies (viewed from the waist down? ) in white overalls and white gumboots as would be worn in a sterile environment. They were in space in some sort of vehicle. I also saw a dish antenna. David H also did that session and saw men in white lab coats at an instrument panel if I remember correctly, and 'something' hiding in the shadows. (is that right Dave?? ) PJ, mentioned she had RV'd a crop circle and saw what seemed to be boards on rope being dragged along. (is that right PJ?? ) It sure sounded like a man made job in that case. Has anyone else RV'd a crop circle? Could you let us know what sort of results you got? Obviously some are man made but the rest.......??? Lets see what we've all come up with so far. Cheers Liz


From: David Date: Sat Jun 7, ?003 11:?3 am Subject: Re: Crop Circles RV'd a_healey56 You're right on Liz. I would go dig up the session, but you remembered most of it pretty well. I got lots of weird UFO-like feelings, and I think that was probably the first target that Pru gave us to do that wasn't real basic gestalt stuff, so we surely weren't expecting anything like that. Dave


From: "Eva" Date: Sun Jun 8, ?003 9:?6 pm Subject: Re: Crop Circles RV'd k9caninek9 I have rved two different circles and both sessions were done blind. For one circle, I just ended up describing the pattern of the circle and how the grass was laying down in some places. For the other circle, I got something like jiggly blobs of energetic stuff that sounded a lot like the electromagnetic genesis theory. In the same session, I got a man sitting on a couch with a TV remote in his hand but he was pointing the remote up towards the ceiling and the ceiling seemed to be a kind of bubble like covering. So that session was kind of interesting. I remember being extra curious what the feedback would turn out to be.. -E


From: Bill Pendragon Date: Mon Jun 9, ?003 ?:04 am Subject: Re: Re: Crop Circles RV'd docsavagebill Good viewing. Did you get any idea of tom foolery.. or was it like the guy was legite? Bill --- Eva wrote: > I have rved two different circles and both sessions > were done blind.


From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Mon Jun 9, ?003 ?:07 am Subject: Re: Re: Crop Circles RV'd ozblueriver Hmmmmm. Interesting. Was he a regular type person? Eva could you please fill me in on what the electromagnetic genesis theory is. cheers Liz > From: Eva > I got a man sitting on a couch with a TV remote in his hand > but he was pointing the remote up towards the ceiling and the ceiling > seemed to be a kind of bubble like covering.


From: "Elizabeth Hambrook" Date: Tue Jun 10, ?003 6:40 am Subject: Re: Re: Crop Circles RV'd ozblueriver >...... I saw visuals of spheres and I was in the ocean >looking >at ripples in the sand at the bottom and I saw a sea >tortoise and in another vivid dream I saw a dolphin >ascending very quickly and again I saw a sphere just >ahead of it's bottle nose. It looked like an oxygen >bubble just ahead of it. Within a week a huge crop >circle had formed out on the west coast and guess >what? The pattern was ocean waves or what appears to >be ocean waves. Hi Don, That is way coooool. What a great experience. There is so much of life to be thrilled about isn't there. It's awesome I agree. I'll keep an eye out for that crop circle. You seeing it before it appeared makes it even more interesting. Ahhhhhh the intrigue! It reminds me that on the net about a year ago there was a photo of a huge circle on the ocean floor. The scientists didn't know what to make of it. It would have been a good RV target. We seem to be getting quite a variety of different crop circle data. That's interesting in itself. Maybe someone ( Glyn? ? ) would like to do a summery to see what we have come up with so far. Cheers Liz


From: "dinellrd" #3?3?
From: "Glyn" Date: Sun Jun 15, ?003 1?:04 pm Subject: RE: Re: Crop Circles RV'd gebega Hi Ron, I'm sorry, I wasn't following that closely, and missed what I was to do a summary about, so when I read that was a bit mystified. :-? ). Looking back I see that Liz mentioned me...probably because I used to practice some analysis over on Farview, where a few viewers would do a target and I would pick out correlations between them. I was (nearly? ) always blind to the target though, and the sessions would be quite easy to compare because they consisted of lists of descriptives/impressions, and not narrative. I didn't come to any conclusions of my own, but at the end I tried to together a very short summary of what had been picked up. I can't do that in this case because not only do I not have the sessions, in a form I can use but I am 'frontloaded' I may be unconsciously biased. Anyone can do it though, nothing clever about the simple way I did it although others may have different methods. I just looked for areas of commonality between sessions; some are quite subtle however, and you do have to use your own judgement occasionally as to what should fit where, but try not to form opinions of your own as to what the target is...which is quite hard actually. You really need four sessions at a minimum IMO, and no more than 7 or 8 in total or it really gets hard work and it is easy to miss things. Do a matrix (spreadsheet? ), with groups down the left hand side for types of impressions. I was always changing these, but basically you should have groups for - colours, tastes, smells, shapes, textures, life, dimensions, impressions about topology, and some other groups to catch ideas and emotions etc (it seems quite easy until you do it, and you really have to work out groupings that make sense to you and can 'catch' most impressions? ). Then across the top you put the Viewer names and then enter their impressions and split them (where they can be split? ) into the various groupings. Bear in mind that if you split some narrative type impressions down too far you may lose something. Then you rank them. If there are 4 Viewers and three mention 'hot' then there is likely to be heat at the target. Do that with all the groups. Search for commonality/correlation, and as I said sometimes it's a bit subtle and can be hidden in narrative...for example, two may say 'ice' and another may mention he had an AOL of going skiing. However, to top it all...if you know you have one consistently good Viewer and three that are not so consistent, then is it wise to totally ignore the good one if he says 'hot'? :-? ). That's where it gets complicated and you need to look more deeply. Try it some time, it's good fun, but you will be surprised how much work it is. Regards, Glyn


From: "dinellrd"

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